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Shell LNG corporate summary

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16 November 2016

Shell LNG corporate summary

Report summary

Since buying BG, Shell has shifted tack in LNG. The combined company will soon become the largest LNG seller in the world and has unrivalled flexibility and diversity in supply and markets. But with the LNG market depressed and the company in the middle of a growth story, which will see its LNG contract portfolio grow by nine times between 2010 and 2020, Shell has started to apply the brakes and reign in plans for further investment.

Table of contents

  • Executive summary
    • Integrated Gas – change from a growth focus to a cash engine
    • Developing a leading LNG trading and marketing business
    • Will Shell fully utilise its Australian and US supply positions?
    • A focus on building demand in new markets and protecting its position in existing markets
    • Uncovering a low cost supply base
    • M&A – Shell will look hard for divestment opportunities
    • Gas into LNG
    • Liquefaction capacity
      • Operating/Post FID
      • Planned/Pre FID
    • Regas
      • Existing capacity
      • Proposed capacity
    • Shipping
    • Post FID Contracted Supply
      • Original contracts
      • Growth organically and via acquisition
      • LNG Trading
      • Incremental third party contracts
      • Contract expiries
      • Pre FID contract supply options
      • Seasonal profile
    • Committed LNG
      • Main long term contracts into Japan, South Korea and Taiwan
      • Acquisition of BG adds diversity, but heavy China exposure
      • Mexican position is being unlocked
      • The Middle East is an important counter-seasonal region
      • New South East Asian contracts add diversity in new markets
      • Emerging market focus set to continue
      • How will Shell target emerging buyers in North Asia?
    • Flexible LNG Portfolio
      • Short/Mid Term:
      • Mid/Long Term
      • Short/Mid Term:
      • Mid/Long Term
    • Contract Pricing
      • Shell Contracted Supply Pricing
      • Shell Committed Supply Pricing
  • Risks and uncertainties

Tables and charts

This report includes 24 images and tables including:

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Figure 1 Gas into LNG by equity (mmcfd)
  • Figure 2 Contracted LNG Supply (mmtpa)
  • Figure 3 Recent LNG Marketing (by year contract signed)
  • Figure 4 LNG Project Break-evens (DES Japan)
  • Table 1 Shell's upstream supply to LNG Liquefaction Plants
  • Figure 1 Gas into LNG by equity (mmcfd)
  • Figure 2 Effective Liquefaction Capacity by Equity (mmtpa)
  • Table 3 Shell's Regas Projects
  • Figure 3 Shell's Regas Capacity
  • Figure 4 Shell Shipping - Owned and Chartered
  • Figure 5 Shell Ships required vs Fleet Size
  • Shell fleet statistics
  • Table 4 Shell's Supply Contracted Supply
  • Figure 6 Shell's Contracted Supply to 2025
  • Table 5 Shell's Committed Sales 2015
  • Figure 6 Shell's Contracted Commitments to 2025
  • Figure 7 Shell sales contracts via JV and JV and Portfolio Sales Combined (in 2016)
  • Figure 9 Shell's uncontracted/flexible LNG (mmtpa)
  • Figure 10 Shell Supply Contracts
  • Figure 11 Shell Committed Sales
  • Table 2 Shell's Liquefaction Capacity
  • Figure 13: Pricing Exposure
  • Figure 14: Weighted average cost and price of LNG

What's included

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