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Spain LNG long-term outlook 2014

Spain LNG long-term outlook 2014

Report summary

With little indigenous production, Spain is almost entirely dependent on imports (>99%) for its gas supply. The completion of the Maghreb pipeline from Algeria in 1996 and strong growth in LNG import capacity allowed the Spanish gas market to flourish. Following ambitious measures introduced by the EU and Spanish governments to expand the gas market and open it up to competition, Spain is now one of the more liberalised markets in Europe.

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As global energy demand rises, the market for liquefied natural gas (LNG) continues to expand. Set to increase by 50% between 2015 and 2020, the LNG market is one of the fastest growing in the world. This spectacular growth is transforming the market, with many new companies entering the sector and changing the industry landscape.

This LNG Long Term Outlook report provides an overview of LNG in the gas market.

LNG market participants and advisers can use this report to better understand the long-term role of this market in the global LNG business.

Offering bottom-up market analysis for over 150 LNG supply assets, 28 LNG-importing countries and more than 500 LNG contracts, Wood Mackenzie is the definitive and trusted resource for the LNG industry. We use our robust database and expert industry knowledge to help you understand the dynamics of the global LNG industry and identify emerging trends and opportunities.

  • Executive summary
    • Key facts
  • Infrastructure
    • LNG import terminals
    • Current LNG status and access
    • Future LNG terminal development
  • Contracts
    • LNG SPA contracts
    • Contracted LNG supply position versus available re-gas capacity
  • Trade
    • Historical LNG imports
    • LNG Seasonality
    • Contracted LNG Demand versus Total LNG Demand
    • Short-term LNG Outlook
    • Medium & Long-term LNG Outlook
  • Costs
    • Breakeven cost stack of potential LNG supplies into market
  • Key companies
  • Policy and regulation
    • Third party access

In this report there are 10 tables or charts, including:

  • Executive summary
    • Executive summary: Table 1
  • Infrastructure
    • Infrastructure: Image 1
    • Infrastructure: Table 1
  • Contracts
    • Contracts: Table 1
    • Contracts: Image 1
  • Trade
    • Trade: Image 1
    • Trade: Image 2
    • Trade: Image 3
  • Costs
    • Costs: Image 1
  • Key companies
    • Key companies: Table 1
  • Policy and regulation
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