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Energy view to 2035

Energy view to 2035

Report summary

The Energy view to 2035 is Wood Mackenzie’s perspective on global energy, showing our view of how demand, supply and trade will evolve over the next 20 years. We pull together the analysis from our integrated update cycle, address key industry themes and trends, and present our latest thinking on the outlook for energy commodities.

Given that global energy demand will increase by 1% a year to 2035, what are the trends driving this change? What are the drivers of global demand growth? Where will new supply come from? Will we see a structural shift in energy markets in response to global climate concerns? How will this affect energy systems? These are a few of the thematic questions covered in the Energy view to 2035.

The Energy view to 2035 offers a unique understanding of how commodities will compete for demand over the next 20 years. This is the landscape that will frame the world’s response to climate change, government policy and company strategies.

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Global energy demand continues its remarkable growth, while this era of increasing demand is also one of robust energy supply.

Production growth in North America reflects the continued abundance of oil and gas and the ability of the industry to develop entirely new sources of supply. Markets are increasingly interconnected and supplier consumer relationships increasingly dependent, as reflected by Russia’s gas trade links with Europe.

Lightweight materials could be transformational for the transport sector, and new enhanced recovery techniques could add another supply-side boost to oil production. Developing market growth could surprise to the upside. Geopolitical and other ‘event-driven’ risks are never far from the energy sphere.

Drawing upon the vast knowledge of our research teams across the energy value chain and around the world, our annual Energy View delivers our integrated global perspective on the evolution of energy demand, supply and trade over the coming years.

The Energy View encapsulates Wood Mackenzie’s base case outlook, and acts as a backdrop to our analysis of risks and uncertainties faced by the energy market. It addresses key industry themes and trends, and presents a digest of our latest thinking on macroeconomics, energy commodity outlooks, and the corporate landscape.

  • Executive summary
  • Themes and trends
    • Shifting dynamics of global demand
    • A greener future?
    • Transportation's electric dream
    • Changing trends in energy supply
  • Global commodity outlook
    • Global overview
    • Made in India: the future of oil demand
    • The rise of natural gas
    • India and Southeast Asia: the last strongholds of global coal demand growth
    • Renewables: solar and wind are rising actors in the power supply mix
  • Supply and trade
    • US – the landscape of energy supply is changing
    • China: slowing demand growth forces a change in supply
    • Global oil production: towards a more focused market?
    • LNG supply growth creates a truly global gas market
    • Asia Pacific drives global coal trade
    • Regional development of net import/export volumes
  • Conclusion

In this report there are 22 tables or charts, including:

  • Executive summary
  • Themes and trends
    • Regional total primary energy demand, 2015-2035
    • Total primary energy demand by fuel, 2015-2035
    • Non-hydrocarbon power generation, 2015-2035
    • Renewables power generation growth, 2015-2035
    • Alternative transport fuels growth, 2015-2035
    • Sales of EVs, 2015-2035
    • Regional energy production change, 2015-2035
  • Global commodity outlook
    • Regional TPED and CAGR, 2015 - 2035
    • TPED growth by fuel, 2015 - 2035
    • Global oil demand change 2015 - 2035
    • Oil demand change by sector, 2025 and 2035
    • China oil demand vs GDP per capita
    • India oil demand vs GDP per capita
    • Global gas demand by region and sector, 2015 - 2035
    • Coal-fired power output by region, 2015 - 2035
    • Asia Pacific total coal demand, 2015 - 2035
    • Solar power generation growth, 2015 - 2035
    • Wind power generation growth, 2015 - 2035
  • Supply and trade
    • Net trade – US energy independence by 2026
    • US LNG exports, 2016 - 2035
    • China coal demand outpaces supply
    • Net trade coal, oil and gas, 2010 - 2035
  • Conclusion
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