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Verisk Maplecroft Country Risk Report Egypt Q3 2015

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29 December 2015

Verisk Maplecroft Country Risk Report Egypt Q3 2015

Report summary

Egypt is expected to witness political stability and continuity in the medium term as long as President Al-Sisi dominates the political landscape.  Managing the conflicting priorities of spending cuts and measures  to boost economic growth, while alleviating poverty and reducing unemployment will preoccupy the government . Security will also remain a primary concern  for Al-Sisi who has struggled to reduce the threat posed by both militant Salafi groups and previously moderate Islamist elements.

Table of contents

    • Key facts
    • Overview
    • Governance
    • Politics
    • International relations
    • Overview
    • Regulatory framework
    • Taxation
    • Corruption and business ethics
    • Infrastructure
    • Overview
    • Growth outlook
    • Monetary and fiscal policy
    • Trade and foreign investment
    • Socioeconomic development
    • Overview
    • Conflict, terrorism and political violence
    • Civil disorder
    • Crime
    • Overview
    • Civil rights and access to remedy
    • Labour rights and protections
    • Social and community impacts
    • Overview
    • Environmental governance
    • Natural resources
    • Natural hazards
    • Climate change

Tables and charts

This report includes 17 images and tables including:

  • Figure 1: Judicial Independence Index – Country comparison
  • Figure 2: Business Environment Index – Country comparison
  • Table 1: Key indicators for the ease of doing business in Egypt
  • Table 2: Paying taxes in Egypt
  • Table 3: Egypt’s tax rates
  • Figure 3: Corruption Risk Index – Country comparison
  • Map 1: Infrastructure
  • Figure 4: Sectoral growth and GDP
  • Figure 5: Inflation
  • Figure 6: Terrorism Risk (international exposure) Index – Country comparison
  • Map 2: Terrorism
  • Figure 7: Civil and Political Rights Index – Country comparison
  • Figure 8: Labour Rights and Protection Index – Country comparison
  • Map 3: Water stress
  • Table 4: Natural hazards risk scorecard
  • Map 4: Regional water security risk
  • Map 5: Climate change vulnerability

What's included

This report contains:

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