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Verisk Maplecroft Country Risk Report Egypt Q3 2015

Verisk Maplecroft Country Risk Report Egypt Q3 2015

Report summary

Egypt is expected to witness political stability and continuity in the medium term as long as President Al-Sisi dominates the political landscape.  Managing the conflicting priorities of spending cuts and measures  to boost economic growth, while alleviating poverty and reducing unemployment will preoccupy the government . Security will also remain a primary concern  for Al-Sisi who has struggled to reduce the threat posed by both militant Salafi groups and previously moderate Islamist elements.

What's included?

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Wood Mackenzie is now working with Verisk Maplecroft to deliver an unrivalled commercial intelligence portfolio for the world’s natural resource markets, helping you make complete risk-adjusted decisions that will strengthen your operations and supply chains.

Verisk Maplecroft’s industry-leading global risk analytics - encompassing more than 200 political, economic, societal and environmental issues for 198 countries – is coupled with expertise in country risk analysis and strategic forecasting.

The country risk report provides in-depth analysis across the following risk areas: Governance and political landscape, business environment, economy, conflict & security, societal development and human rights and environment, natural hazards and climate change.

Verisk Maplecroft integrates global risk analytics, expert insight and user-centric platforms to help organisations build resilience and unlock competitive and reputational advantage.

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  • Executive summary
    • Key facts
  • Governance and politics
    • Overview
    • Governance
    • Politics
    • International relations
  • Business environment
    • Overview
    • Regulatory framework
    • Taxation
    • Corruption and business ethics
    • Infrastructure
  • Economy
    • Overview
    • Growth outlook
    • Monetary and fiscal policy
    • Trade and foreign investment
    • Socioeconomic development
  • Security
    • Overview
    • Conflict, terrorism and political violence
    • Civil disorder
    • Crime
  • Human rights
    • Overview
    • Civil rights and access to remedy
    • Labour rights and protections
    • Social and community impacts
  • Environment
    • Overview
    • Environmental governance
    • Natural resources
    • Natural hazards
    • Climate change

In this report there are 17 tables or charts, including:

  • Executive summary
  • Governance and politics
    • Figure 1: Judicial Independence Index – Country comparison
  • Business environment
    • Figure 2: Business Environment Index – Country comparison
    • Table 1: Key indicators for the ease of doing business in Egypt
    • Table 2: Paying taxes in Egypt
    • Table 3: Egypt’s tax rates
    • Figure 3: Corruption Risk Index – Country comparison
    • Map 1: Infrastructure
  • Economy
    • Figure 4: Sectoral growth and GDP
    • Figure 5: Inflation
  • Security
    • Figure 6: Terrorism Risk (international exposure) Index – Country comparison
    • Map 2: Terrorism
  • Human rights
    • Figure 7: Civil and Political Rights Index – Country comparison
    • Figure 8: Labour Rights and Protection Index – Country comparison
  • Environment
    • Map 3: Water stress
    • Table 4: Natural hazards risk scorecard
    • Map 4: Regional water security risk
    • Map 5: Climate change vulnerability
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