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Global zinc long-term outlook Q4 2015

Global zinc long-term outlook Q4 2015

Report summary

The Global Zinc Metal Market Long-term Outlook provides the latest update of detailed supply and demand analysis and price forecasts for the zinc market out to 2035. In the medium to long term, the key issue is whether the zinc mining industry will be able to develop sufficient new mine capacity to offset scheduled mine closures and the incremental increase in global demand. This structural issue has been exacerbated by the recent retreat in the zinc price which has forced major mine production cutbacks and threaten to force smelters cut production also.

What's included?

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  • Global zinc long-term outlook Q4 2015 PDF - 627.49 KB 45 Pages, 28 Tables, 12 Figures
  • Zinc Tables LTO Q4 2015.pdf PDF - 2.09 MB
  • Slide Pack Zinc LTO Q4 2015.pdf PDF - 836.02 KB
  • Demand analysis zinc LTO Q4 2015.xls XLS - 1.46 MB
  • Demand main changes zinc LTO Q4 2015.xls XLS - 242.50 KB
  • Production rankings zinc LTO Q4 2015.xls XLS - 145.50 KB
  • Equity Production zinc LTO Q4 2015.xls XLS - 5.65 MB
  • Supply main changes zinc LTO Q4 2015.xls XLS - 183.00 KB
  • Mine analysis zinc LTO Q4 2015.xls XLS - 2.04 MB
  • Smelter analysis zinc LTO Q4 2015.xls XLS - 3.06 MB
  • Market balance and prices zinc LTO Q4 2015.xls XLS - 617.50 KB


As global demand weakens and commodity prices fall, we're seeing a challenging environment in the metals and mining industry. Mining companies are increasingly coming under pressure to reduce operating costs, causing many to shift their strategic planning, delay new investments and look to long-term future growth.

This Zinc Long Term Outlook report provides a detailed breakdown of global supply and demand balances in this market, as well as price forecasts.

Mining companies, investment banks and investors can use this report to understand the future direction of the ferrous and base metals market. It will also help you assess the impact of key industry issues and events on market balances and pricing.

From acquisitions to investments, Wood Mackenzie helps you plan, forecast and benchmark in the metals markets. Our proprietary database and analyst expertise combines robust production, consumption and pricing data with detailed analysis to identify market opportunities.

We give you a holistic view of the ferrous and base metals markets so you have the confidence to make strategic decisions.

  • Executive summary
  • Demand
    • Overview
      • China
      • Europe
    • First and end uses
      • First use
      • End use
  • Supply
    • Mine Production
      • Overview
      • Africa
      • Asia
      • Europe
      • Latin America
  • Supply-demand balances
    • Zinc market dynamic
    • Supply and Demand - Base Case and Long Term

In this report there are 40 tables or charts, including:

  • Executive summary
  • Demand
    • Global slab zinc consumption by region
    • Global slab zinc consumption by region
    • Non-residential construction to become more important but growth will be muted in medium term
    • Chinese fixed asset investment in infrastructure still growing strongly
    • Galvanized sheet production growth loses momentum
    • Chinese end use dominated by construction sector
    • China dominates global zinc consumption for forecast period
    • Chinese per capita consumption will not track Japan and South Korea
    • PMIs point to Europe's improving fortunes
    • European zinc demand growth to stagnate in long term
    • Global first use consumption for zinc
    • Global zinc consumption by end use
  • Supply
    • World capability forecasts by region and global market adjustment
    • African zinc mine production
    • Asian zinc mine production
    • European zinc mine production
    • Latin American zinc mine production
    • Supply: Table 6
    • Supply: Table 7
    • Supply: Table 8
    • Supply: Table 9
    • Supply: Table 10
    • Supply: Table 11
    • Supply: Table 12
    • Supply: Table 13
    • Supply: Table 14
    • Supply: Table 15
    • Supply: Table 16
    • Supply: Table 17
    • Supply: Table 18
    • Supply: Table 19
    • Supply: Table 20
    • Supply: Table 21
    • Supply: Table 22
  • Supply-demand balances
    • Exchange stocks and price
    • Zinc metal and concentrate stock cycle (kt Zn)
    • LME cash zinc prices and base case forecast 1960- 2030
    • Supply-demand balances: Table 1
    • Supply-demand balances: Table 2
    • Supply-demand balances: Table 3
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