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Malaysia power markets long-term full report 2015

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28 December 2015

Malaysia power markets long-term full report 2015

Report summary

Peninsular Malaysia is now a step closer towards a competitive market with New Enhanced Dispatch Arrangement (NEDA) that was announced by the Energy Commission in late September 2015. The China General Nuclear Power Corp. made inroads into Malaysian power industry through 1MDB asset purchase. The full report of the Malaysia power market 2015 includes updates to the sections below.

Table of contents

  • Executive summary
    • Market Overview
    • China makes inroads into Malaysia through 1MDB asset purchase.
    • TNB pulls out of project 4A while 1MDB tenders for project 4B.
    • Sarawak continues to deliver projects
    • Data summary
  • Economic outlook
    • In this section
    • Policy drivers
    • Fuel mix
    • Renewables
    • Pricing
    • Generation
    • Transmission
    • Distribution and retail
    • Capacity and reserve margin
      • Available capacity and reserve margin
        • Peninsular Malaysia
        • Sarawak
        • Sabah
    • In this section
    • Screening curves and sensitivity on gas breakeven prices by technology
    • In this section
    • Power infrastructure - current
      • Thailand link
      • Singapore link
    • Power infrastructure - map
    • Power infrastructure – planned and possible
      • Sumatra to Peninsular Malaysia
      • Peninsular Malaysia to Singapore
      • East Malaysia power transmission infrastructure
        • Power infrastructure – current
          • Sarawak
          • Sabah
        • Power infrastructure - map
        • Power infrastructure – planned and possible
          • Sarawak
          • Sabah
          • Sarawak to West Kalimantan
          • Sarawak to Brunei
    • Power demand
      • Power sales/GDP growth and electricity intensity factor
    • In this section
    • Peninsular Malaysia
    • East Malaysia
    • Peninsular Malaysia
    • East Malaysia
      • Sarawak
      • Sabah
      • Transmission utilisation across regions
        • Thailand link:
        • Singapore link:
        • West Kalimantan link:
      • Captive power
        • Captive power demand by region
        • Current captive capacity
    • In this section
    • GDP sensitivity on gas demand (Peninsular Malaysia)
    • Coal sensitivity on gas demand (Peninsular Malaysia)

Tables and charts

This report includes 36 images and tables including:

  • GDP forecast - Malaysia
  • Malaysia power available capacity
  • Malaysia power market balance
  • Malaysia gas demand by sector
  • Key changes to analysis from H1 2013 publication
  • Major energy legislation
  • Policy and regulation: Image 1
  • Breakeven cost (LRMC) based on technology (2020 prices)
  • New plant economics by technology (LRMC)
  • Peninsular Malaysia 2020 merit order
  • Peninsular Malaysia 2030 merit order
  • Peninsular Malaysia power infrastructure
  • Peninsular Malaysia grid generation by fuel
  • East Malaysia grid generation by fuel
  • Peninsular Malaysia annual capacity factor by plant type (% utilisation)
  • Sarawak annual capacity factor (% utilisation)
  • Sabah annual capacity factor (% utilisation)
  • Peninsular Malaysia electricity prices
  • Peninsular Malaysia’s average electricity prices
  • Peninsular Malaysia average annual short term generation costs by system and plant type
  • Average end-user power breakeven cost (Real 2015)
  • GDP growth assumptions for high and low case
  • Power demand sensitivity on gas
  • Coal growth assumptions for high and low case
  • Coal demand sensitivity on gas in the power sector
  • Power sales growth, GDP growth and electricity intensity factor
  • Demand: Image 2
  • Existing and planned capacity
  • Capacity by plant type and peak load
  • Reserve margin by region
  • Available capacity by region
  • Sabah and Sarawak power infrastructure
  • Power Export from Peninsular to Thailand, Singapore
  • Power Export from Sarawak to West Kalimantan
  • Malaysia captive power sales by region
  • Peninsular Malaysia captive power by plant type (2014)

What's included

This report contains:

  • Document

    Malaysia Power Data.xls

    XLS 1.01 MB

  • Document

    Malaysia power markets long-term full report 2015

    PDF 653.54 KB

  • Document

    Malaysia power markets long-term full report 2015

    ZIP 908.51 KB

  • Document

    Executive summary

    PDF 106.53 KB

  • Document

    Economic outlook

    PDF 56.61 KB

  • Document

    Policy and regulation

    PDF 169.14 KB

  • Document


    PDF 121.43 KB

  • Document


    PDF 175.79 KB

  • Document


    PDF 176.87 KB

  • Document


    PDF 98.11 KB

  • Document

    Supply-demand balances

    PDF 148.55 KB

  • Document


    PDF 96.04 KB

  • Document

    Risks and uncertainties

    PDF 84.28 KB

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