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Permian Region: Activity Overview

Permian Region: Activity Overview

Report summary

The Permian Basin is the top crude oil-producing region in the Lower 48 accounting for nearly 30% of US onshore oil production. Driven by two of the most prominent unconventional plays, the Wolfcamp and Bone Spring, the region currently produces nearly 2 million barrels of oil per day. In 2016, the Permian will average 300 rigs and attract over $27 billion in capex. With $170 billion in remaining value, the Permian will remain a key driver of growth led by the region's top operators including Occidental, Pioneer, and Chevron.

What's included?

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This Upstream Oil and Gas Insight report highlights the key issues surrounding this topic, and draws out the key implications for those involved.

This report helps participants, suppliers and advisors understand trends, risks and issues within the upstream oil and gas industry. It gives you an expert point of view to support informed decision making.

Wood Mackenzie's 500 dedicated analysts are located in the markets they cover. They produce forward-looking analysis at both country and asset level across the globe, backed by our robust proprietary database of trusted research.

Proprietary data means a superior level of analysis that is simply not available anywhere else. Wood Mackenzie is the recognised gold standard in upstream commercial data and analysis.

  • What's new?
  • Region overview
    • The Permian
    • Overview by basin
    • Overview by play
    • Overview by company
  • Basin overviews
    • Midland Basin
    • Delaware Basin
    • Central Basin Platform
    • Val Verde Basin
  • Key crude oil infrastructure
  • Geology
    • Overview
    • Depositional history, regional stratigraphy, and petroleum systems
    • Bone Spring
    • Wolfcamp
    • Cline
  • History
    • Permian overview
    • Midland Basin
    • Delaware Basin
    • Central Basin Platform
    • Val Verde Basin
  • Other Key Issues
    • Land Access
    • Regulatory
    • Environmental
  • Policy and Regulation
    • Federal Regulatory Bodies
    • Bureau of Land Management
    • State Regulatory Bodies
      • Texas Railroad Commission
      • New Mexico Oil Conservation Division
      • Licensing
      • Fiscal Terms
        • Overview
        • Current fiscal terms
          • Federal Land Leasing
          • State Land Leasing
          • Private Land Leasing
          • Indian Tribal Land Leasing
          • Royalty
            • Federal Land Royalties
            • State Land Royalties
            • Private Land Royalties
            • Indian Tribal Land Royalties
          • Taxes
            • Federal Income Tax
            • State Income Tax
            • Section 29 Tax Credit
            • Other Tax Credits
            • State severance (production) tax
            • State ad valorem (property) tax
          • Assumptions

In this report there are 16 tables or charts, including:

  • What's new?
    • Permian Region: Activity Overview: Image 1
  • Region overview
    • Regional production
    • Summary
    • Production by basin
    • Company acreage by basin
    • Production by play
    • Company acreage by play
    • Wolfcamp and Bone Spring breakevens
    • Summary metrics
    • Recent M&A activity
  • Basin overviews
    • Midland Basin
    • Delaware Basin
    • Central Basin Platform
    • Val Verde Basin
  • Key crude oil infrastructure
    • Permian Region: Activity Overview: Image 10
    • Permian Region: Activity Overview: Table 6
  • Geology
  • History
  • Other Key Issues
  • Policy and Regulation
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