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Upstream Mid-Caps company benchmarking 2014

Upstream Mid-Caps company benchmarking 2014

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The Mid-Caps peer group (-4%) has been outperformed by the Large-Caps (3%) and the Majors (7%) on a Market Capitalisation basis. International explorers were the worst-hit, as investors retreated from risk and rewarded capital discipline. Profit-taking was evident in North America, even amongst the strongest performers, and operational results from some impacted investor appeal. However, despite the narrowing year-on-year, a higher market premium continues to be attributed to the Mid-Caps.

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The upstream oil and gas industry conducts activities against a backdrop of growing energy and environmental challenges. Political instabilities, international conflicts and government and environmental regulation all impact the production process.

This forces companies to re-examine their corporate strategy, moving away from high-risk exploratory drilling to lower-risk exploration in mature basins as they search for increased returns.

This Upstream Oil and Gas Company Benchmarking report provides a unique perspective on corporate positioning using our proprietary, forward-looking metrics on financial health, value, production, reserves and costs.

Widely used by both the energy and financial sectors, our report gives you a unique perspective on key strategic and financial challenges, as well as opportunities facing this oil and gas company.

Wood Mackenzie provides an independent evaluation and expert opinion on the operational performance, strategy and future of the world's top oil and gas companies. Our unique, objective analysis helps you understand, validate, compare and challenge market and corporate views so you can assess strategic opportunities.

  • Executive summary
    • Mid-Cap premiums hit; investors still favour unconventional oil
  • Valuation
  • Investment and costs
  • Financials
  • Production
  • Reserves and resources

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  • Executive summary
    • Executive summary: Image 1
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  • Valuation
    • Valuation: Image 1
    • Valuation: Image 2
    • Valuation: Image 3
  • Investment and costs
    • Investment and costs: Image 1
    • Investment and costs: Image 2
    • Investment and costs: Image 3
    • Investment and costs: Image 4
  • Financials
    • Financials: Image 1
  • Production
    • Production: Image 1
    • Production: Image 2
    • Production: Image 3
    • Production: Image 4
  • Reserves and resources
    • Reserves and resources: Image 1
    • Reserves and resources: Image 2
    • Reserves and resources: Image 3
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