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Understand how upstream companies have responded to the uncertainties of today's markets, and analyse each one's strategic, operational and financial targets, performance, and outlook.


Lower-for-longer prices have forced companies to take strategic action just to survive, and upstream players need to think about how to best adapt their portfolios and organisations to a changing macro outlook. Understanding the financial pressures upstream companies are now under, how they have and are responding strategically, and what opportunities and threats this presents will be key.

How have low prices affected corporate finances and the shape of portfolios of upstream companies? How do you ensure that you retain your competitive advantage under changing market conditions?

What is the Corporate Service & Benchmarking Tool?

Improve your understanding of current strategic positions and potential future opportunities with our forward-looking upstream and downstream analysis of company-reported results and strategy presentations, plus access to company data.

Corporate Service

Get timely analysis, company reports, rapid updates of quarterly results and investor events, and weekly summaries of more than 50 upstream-focused companies. With all of this information at your disposal, you gain a better understanding of each company’s strategic, operational and financial motivations and deeper insights into their past performance and future outlook.

Corporate Benchmarking Tool

Access data from over 60 companies, ranging from supermajors and NOCs to small, US-only pure-play E&Ps. Built from our global upstream database, the tool gives you more than 60 proprietary forward-looking metrics and as well as 50 SEC/company-reported datapoints so you can accurately benchmark past performance over more than 15 years and forecast out to 2035. For further analysis, you can access data visualisation tools and directly download reports.

  • 50+

    annual company reports

  • 4–6

    data updates with analysis per company per year

  • <24 hour

    turnaround for results announcements

  • 50+

    weekly corporate summary reports

Designed to help you:

  • Understand current strategic positioning, key success factors and future strategic priorities
  • Identify factors influencing current and future commercial value and financial performance
  • Analyse exploration and M&A performance, portfolio gaps, and strategic direction
  • Recognise how financial pressures affect current and future business development activities
  • Gain unique insight into threats and opportunities
  • Determine financial strength based on powerful proprietary metrics

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