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How can we help?

Examine oil product imbalances and explore growth opportunities using our comprehensive global analysis of supply, demand and price.


The refining industry is a complex global business converting crude into a wide range of products used across many different sectors of the economy. Consequently, the outlook for the industry is influenced by numerous factors including crude oil supply and price, demand developments, new projects, environmental regulation, refinery maintenance, and technology trends, to name a few.

How do you develop and maintain a clear view of the marketplace? How can you understand assets and markets and the complex connections between them.

What is the Product Markets Service?

The Product Markets Service provides detailed country and regional forecasts and a clear view of the short- and long-term outlooks for refined product markets to support your commercial and strategic decisions. It includes regular Insight reports exploring industry events and key topics. For more in-depth information, subscribers can directly contact our experts around the globe to discuss market developments and delve further into the assumptions underlying our forecasts.

The scale and complexity of the refined products market creates opportunities at every part of the value chain. Product Markets Service builds on our integrated energy research and unrivalled refining asset analysis, and gives you the reliable information and insight you need to identify those opportunities and create robust plans to capitalise on them.

You will receive:

  • Major oil products in 103 countries and regions
  • 20-year forecasts by country and region, updated twice per year
  • Product trade forecasts for 16 countries and regions
  • Monthly updates to product balances in 37 countries
  • Monthly price and margin forecasts in 6 refining centres
  • Weekly refining margin summary report
  • Access to data visualisation/download tool
  • 100+

    geographies and their major oil products

  • 16

    geographic product trade forecasts

  • 37

    product balances updated monthly

  • 50+

    refining margin summaries per year

Designed to help you:

  • Understand how changes in supply and demand will drive expansion and contraction of refining and storage capacities
  • Plan production based on country and regional oil product balances, inter-regional trade, prices, and specifications
  • Decide which crudes to process and analyse crude supply, trade and value
  • Assess the impacts of plant outages, supply restrictions and technology changes
  • Develop trading strategies based on country and region product balances and on price and margin forecasts
  • Explore growth opportunities with our robust analysis of supply, demand and pricing dynamics