The Global Nickel Sulphate Market

Key takeaways and report brochure

About the report:

This report provides an in-depth view of the growing demand for nickel sulphate for EV batteries. It identifies plant-by-plant production by precursor manufacturers as well as current global supply of nickel sulphate to meet this demand.

The report covers in detail the main outlet for nickel chemicals historically, the relatively niche and specialised market of surface plating of steels and plastics base materials and electroforming. There will be a much higher requirement for nickel sulphate to satisfy global demand for batteries and we identify how the supply side is responding.

Offering a comprehensive view on the global nickel sulphate market, both in terms of supply and demand in unprecedented detail, the report details the challenges that exist in satisfying the growing demand as well as existing markets

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The full study includes:

  • Nickel sulphate Report – a 32 page PDF
  • Nickel sulphate Slide Pack – a 53 page PDF in presentation format
  • Nickel sulphate Projects – a 30 page PDF detailing all plants
  • Nickel sulphate demand supporting data and charts – Excel file with 14 tabs of data and charts
  • Nickel sulphate supply-sulphate pricing-intermediate data – Excel file with 10 tabs of data and charts