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North American LNG

Unique, dynamic insight into production status and maritime freight movements​



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Timely intelligence on LNG activity

As US LNG supply expands and exports surge, stay in the know about LNG shipments and their destination.

We provide comprehensive estimates of LNG pipeline feedgas/sendout, facility-level storage volumes, shipping exports/imports for the North American market. We leverage a combination of pipeline nominations data, infrared image observations, and our terrestrial and satellite-based AIS ship tracking capabilities. We have monitors on 100% of the LNG export terminals in the US, giving you an unrivaled view of the LNG market.

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Features at a glance ​

Be first

Understand the underlying supply and demand dynamics in both local and national markets ahead of other market participants. Get alerted to outages before interstate pipelines post drops in delivery nominations.

Real-time data 

With our infrared cameras and power line monitors, see events such as shut-downs and start-ups in real-time. We have a 24-hour view of Sabine Pass, Corpus Christi, Freeport, Cove Point and Elba Island, with plans for expansion. View the operational status of monitored US LNG facilities in real-time and receive outage alerts.

Expert access

Reach out to our LNG/Proprietary team for expert insights into LNG product or market-related activity.

The service offers:

  • A robust collection of LNG-focused queries via Natural Gas Analyst – leveraging both pipeline nominations and proprietary monitoring data – that can be customized to account for variables and conditions that impact market positions.
  • Access to our Natural Gas Portal Image Viewer interface which displays looping hourly images of commissioning and in-service US liquefaction trains allowing users to directly observe and respond to operational updates in near-real-time.
  • Email notices sent out to alert subscribers of liquefaction train operational changes as well as initial activity at trains not yet placed into service. Additionally, email notices cover shipping channel restrictions, maintenance, or adverse weather that may restrict liquefaction operations when necessary.
  • Weekly report which includes commentary, shipping summary charts, summary metrics around feedgas/sendout and storage for US, Canada, and Mexico facilities.
  • Access to our team of analysts for data, product, market related inquiries.