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Forties Supply Chain Monitor

Hedge against supply disruptions

Real-time tracking of the Forties supply chain.

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Providing clarity into an opaque market

The vast Forties oil network includes over 50 offshore oil fields, four pumping stations, refining, storage and 209kms of onshore pipeline. This region is rumored to have frequent technical challenges, production difficulties and last-minute cargo shipment delays or changes. We provide clarity into an opaque market with daily reporting, swift alerting and a snapshot of oil storage, pipeline flow, shipments and refinery activity.

We have an extensive in-the-field network of high-tech, proprietary monitors that provide real-time tracking and measurements of production levels, cargo shipments, outages and other key factors.

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Features at a glance

360° view

We not only monitor the flow on the onshore Forties pipeline, but also the operations of the fractionation plant at Kinneil, the storage at Dalmeny and the Grangemouth refinery. With this view into the entire system, anticipate cargo deferrals or other disruptions and track all floating storage and fixtures.

Real-time alerts

Receive updates every half hour on flows to the on-shore portion of Forties pipeline and real-time operational status of the fractionation facility. See data for ships loading at Hound Point, discharges at Finnart and changes in storage at Dalmeny. We aggregate this information into a daily oil figure for a complete picture of oil available for export.