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Refinery Evaluation Model

Benchmark refineries around the world and assess their competitive advantage with independent insight into performance.



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Assess the competitiveness of refineries around the world

To be competitive, you must be prepared and adapt to the global refining industry's relentlessly changing market trends and infrastructure.

The Refinery Evaluation Model provides you access to visualisation tools and data that enable you to benchmark refineries cash margin performance at an asset level, analyse crude slates and product yields, evaluate global investment plans, track transactions, and compare refinery competitiveness and configuration over time.

NEW: You can now benchmark integrated refinery-petrochemical assets and empower portfolio, strategy, and M&A decision-making. Learn more about our REM-Chemicals service here.

Features at a glance

Get a comprehensive view of global refining assets with coverage of configuration, infrastructure, charge and yield, opex, net cash margins, investments, and transactions.

With the Refinery Evaluation Model, you gain access to all the key elements you need to understand and compare refinery competitiveness. Its flexible financial model enables you to adjust all underlying assumptions to perform scenario analysis and evaluate potential future impacts on the global refining industry outlook. Additionally, it offers access to visualisation tools and direct data downloads for further analysis across different parameters and regions.

You will receive:

  • Historical net cash margin models for 500+ refineries
  • Net cash margin forecasts
  • Quarterly refinery reviews with updates on infrastructure, investments and transactions
  • Detailed profiles on more than 700 refineries including benchmarking against 140+ metrics
  • Global refinery investments data including project status, costs and expected completion dates
  • Global transaction deal metrics dating from 2000
  • Insight reports analysing key industry issues and trends
  • 700+

    detailed refinery profiles

  • 90%

    coverage of refining capacity per region

  • >140

    metrics on each refinery

  • 500+

    historical net cash margin models and forecasts

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