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North America Crude Market Solution

Our North American Crude Market Service and North American Crude Oil Fundamentals services are now merged together, giving you broad value chain coverage with weekly updates perfectly filling the gap between monthly short term outlooks to keep you informed of market fundamental drivers.

This solution maximizes content and data breadth in terms of value chain and time horizon coverage

Our North American Crude Market Service (NACMS) & North American Crude Oil Fundamentals (NACOF) time horizons are complimentary towards your strategy. NACMS provides Short/Medium and Long term forward outlooks at a minimum monthly cadence, while NACOF fills the gap with analysis of what is currently driving the North American market delivered weekly with historical data from 2014.

NACOF largely covers “what happened” for midstream (storage, transportation) dynamics with insight into upstream and downstream utilization at a regionally-aggregated level. NACMS provides “what now” details with forward-looking midstream asset utilization forecasts, associated market narrative and pricing implications.

Both data sets are available in single, unified delivery mechanism, and together, both services in the ‘North American Fundamentals Suite’ give broad value chain coverage.

Features at a Glance: 

  • Weekly NACOF updates
  • Monthly NACMS short term outlooks
  • Additional Genscape data sets (transport, storage, refinery monitoring, etc) are available as deeper analysis.

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