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Exploration Service

Make informed decisions on exploration strategy by benchmarking companies, countries, basins and plays. Based on basin-specific metrics, not generic economic concepts, our service provides an accurate, forward-looking view so you can identify potential growth opportunities.


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Take the guesswork out of exploration and maximise value

The ability to effectively assess commercial factors is critical to success at every stage of your oil and gas exploration plans.

The Exploration Service provides in-depth analysis of competitor strategies and recent performance of acreage capture, discoveries, and value creation so that you can understand how fellow bidders will behave.  Additionally, the unique exploration valuation methodology lets you understand where and how value has been created recently, and whether value can be created by further exploration.


Features at a glance

Scan the world for opportunities and identify the value of potential basins across 20 regions with analysis on trends and company performance, forecasts, and data visualisation tools.

With detailed, multi-parameter data tailored to your specific needs, our Exploration Service makes it easy to explore commercially viable basins and evaluate how companies are achieving success.

You will receive all of the following:

 Exploration Service and Tool

  • Continuously updated in-depth reports on 140+ basins
  • 10 years of historical data for more than 500 basins
  • Forecasts for 140 yet-to-find basins, including play-level information and prospect economics

Exploration Well Tracker
Global coverage of recent and future exploration and appraisal wells in three categories:

  • Recently completed wells covering the previous three months
  • Currently drilling wells
  • 1,000+ wells planned over the coming 12-18 months

Future Exploration Economics Tool & Report
Benchmarking for 130+ basins, 220+ plays and more than 1,100 potential discoveries worldwide

Exploration Trend Report
Examines global trends in 500+ basins

Company Performance Tool & Report
Covers the top 40 explorers in conventional and unconventional plays

  • 140

    basin reports

  • 500+

    basin 10-year histories

  • 38

    companies exploration strategy and performance

  • 1,000+

    wells planned for the next 12–18 months

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