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Refinery I/O

Gain a competitive advantage and start spotting opportunities in the crude oil and refined product markets


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Access crucial crude and refined product data

Transform your host of data sources into one powerful API solution to access market data not available from any other product in the market. Refinery I/O (Input/Output) allows you to see how much crude oil is consumed and products produced to measure volumetric impacts from refinery operational changes. 

Features at a glance

Keep up with daily changes in the market ahead of EIA and state regulatory data with Refinery I/O. Leverage the most granular and unique solution for crude oil and refined product market participants.

  • Over 1,020 data points delivered via API every day
  • Actionable weekly refinery report analyzes regional inputs and outputs and highlights topical market events to provide you with digestible data and intelligence
  • Provides an independent calculation of daily refinery crude demand volumes to support regional balance models
  • Easy-to-use excel template files using Power Query are downloadable from the API portal
  • Save time by supplementing or replacing existing workflows
  • Insight reports covering major events are included
  • Refinery-level granularity with history beginning January 2018
Pile of green industrial barrels stored outside a warehouse.

How harsh weather in North America is impacting crude inputs and refinery production

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