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LNG Short-term Analytics

Understand the near-term dynamics of the LNG market to make informed strategic decisions with comprehensive and timely fundamental data.


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Expert and timely LNG market insights to support your decisions

The LNG market is growing rapidly as the world moves to a cleaner energy mix, with an increasing proportion traded on a short-term basis, supporting liquidity. It is complex, impacted by oil, coal, carbon price dynamics, wider natural gas supply/demand balances, and corporate strategies.

The data and analysis in LNG Short-term Analytics gives you a detailed understanding of the LNG market to make informed strategic decisions.


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Features and workflows

LNG Short-term Analytics provides detailed reports covering every LNG liquefaction plant and LNG importing market, pricing outlook, as well as tracking LNG inventory in key markets.

  • Robust forecasts covering every LNG liquefaction plant and LNG importing market
  • Global pricing outlook including key market drivers
  • Detailed view of LNG shipping
  • Track LNG inventory in key markets and compile historic LNG tenders
  • Access to expert analysts

Global Gas & LNG executive summary

  • Weekly fundamental and pricing covering European gas, US gas, and LNG markets including updates of the latest shipping trends and routes.


Global LNG price outlook

  • Outlook for the next 18 - 24 months, updated monthly with detailed market analysis.


LNG voyage tracker

  • Weekly updated loadings and discharges down to ship and terminal level.


LNG storage tracker

  • Weekly analysis of key metrics to determine effective floating inventory levels by supply plant, along with estimated month-end inventory levels in key LNG importing markets.


LNG demand tracker

  • Reports on every importing country, including within country dynamics of key importing markets, backed up by a monthly data pack.


LNG supply tracker

  • Data covering every liquefaction terminal and an 18-24 month LNG production forecast based on the latest upstream data sources.


LNG tender tracker

  • Summary of published buy-side tenders (Jan 2019 to present) allows you to download and accurately forecast residual spot demand by country.

Maintain a current view of the market

Weekly and monthly market summaries and forecasts.

Access analysis of changing market dynamics.

Build and update your global LNG balances.

Enhance pricing strategies

Extensive pricing history.

Detailed shipping costs and forward charter rates.

Compare views.

Mitigate risks

Examine the impact emerging risks on supply and demand have on your business.

Access to news and risk summaries.

Our analysts: Spanning all major regions, our experienced team of short-term analysts work together with upstream, asset, and gas market analysts as part of Wood Mackenzie’s gas and LNG research team to give you a consistent and considered WoodMac view.

Proprietary data and modelling capability: Our robust modelling capabilities individually model liquefaction plant forecasts, integrated with upstream gas production. We also independently model LNG import forecasts for different countries based on their gas balances and track inventory in real-time. Along with our proprietary shipping data, our approach offers customers insights they can't find anywhere else.

Comprehensive: Our global LNG balances and outlooks are supported by regional expertise, fully integrated with European and North American gas balances for consistency, and based on comprehensive supply, demand, storage, and shipping analysis, with all data available for client download.

Frequently asked questions

Here you’ll find answers to the most common questions you may have on Wood Mackenzie's LNG Short-term Analytics. If you have any other questions, contact us.

Short-term Analytics provides insight into short-term LNG market dynamics on a global, regional, country, and plant level.

Our network utilizes five cutting-edge and proprietary techniques to monitor LNG assets globally in real-time. We leverage that data to publish the weekly and monthly reports, outlooks, and forecasts available in Short-term Analytics.

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Your success is our success - Gain direct access to our analysts & industry leading research to keep ahead of market trends and dynamics. Delivering a quick turnaround on requests and queries, consider us an extension of your team!

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