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North America Gas Service

Actionable intelligence with unparalleled depth on the current and future state of the North American gas market


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Understand the future direction of US and Canada gas markets

Unconventional gas supply growth, emerging export connections, oil market variability, and growing carbon consciousness have thrust North America into the global natural gas market.

Our North America Gas Service is a vital resource in helping you to understand complex gas market dynamics and plan for the future. The service offers short- and long-term outlooks, detailed analysis and supply data, insight reports, and access to expert analysts to enable you to make confident business decisions.

Features at a glance

Gain a comprehensive view of the US and Canadian gas markets with our detailed supply, demand, export and price forecasts informed by our proprietary analysis and integrated upstream, power, coal, LNG and global gas research.

North America Gas Service includes:

  • Bi-annual forecasts through 2050 and monthly 24-month forecasts with detailed supply and demand by region, infrastructure updates and Henry Hub and gas basis price forecasts
  • Weekly update that includes a forecast of storage inventory, weather forecast, and imbalances over the upcoming two weeks, published prior to the EIA gas storage report
  • Topical reports with analysis and data on market developments, pipeline and gas-intensive project databases, renewable natural gas, and commentary on major events
  • Spotfire data visualization tool to chart data and unpick gas pipeline flows
  • Your success is our success: Gain direct access to our analysts & industry leading research to keep ahead of market trends and dynamics. Delivering a quick turnaround on requests and queries, consider us an extension of your team!

  • 50

    monthly regional basis prices

  • 30

    year view of Henry Hub prices

  • Over 450

    modelling nodes used

  • 13

    regions across North America

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