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North America Power Solutions

Real-time transparency into nationwide power grids with demand, supply, price and congestion forecast data.


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Discover strategic opportunities in North America's rapidly growing and changing power markets

We bring together advanced, proprietary modeling technology with fundamentals-based analytics to create daily reports that allow customers to make more informed buy and sell decisions in order to manage risk, minimize cost, and enhance profitability.

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Understanding how the power market behaved yesterday and why, is paramount to predicting what will happen today or tomorrow to ultimately mitigate risk and develop dependable strategies. With our North America Power Solutions, fully validated in-house data sets, and reliable forecasting, you'll gain the confidence to understand the supply and demand, generate power price forecasts, get reliable forward curves, gain extensive market outlooks, and access down to the minute fundamentals to make the most informed decisions.

Using our trusted, proprietary data and historical data, you can maximize your investment opportunities while minimizing risk. Get ahead and stay ahead of production risk and predict future congestion by monitoring the latest power market trends in real-time to remain agile and highly responsive to change across the power grid.

  • Explore our customizable data visualisation tools to react instantly to power market movements
  • Provides cutting-edge market modeling using high-quality infrastructure and fundamental data
  • Gain access to a one-stop-shop of data derived from our own research team, historical data, and vendor data for a comprehensive view of the power grid
  • Navigate end-to-end energy fundamentals with our exclusive analyst insights to find impactful, revenue-generating solutions with unmatched support
  • View real-time power fundamentals such as congestion events, pricing impacts, generation, and transmission outages, solar and wind output, available capacity, and much more
  • Fill in the gaps with unparalleled coverage that offers real-time information for key power markets including: ISO-NE, NYISO, PJM, MISO, SPP, ERCOT, CAISO, SERC, and WECC so you can always stay ahead of the curve
  • Access an extensive monitoring network for all plant types including coal, gas, hydro, nuclear, wind, pumped storage, oil, and solar, giving you clear insight into plant operations and fuel burn in any ISO

What do you get with our North America Market Intelligence?

Our solutions are designed to help you optimize generation assets, evaluate developments and investment opportunities, and conduct further data modeling by streamlining your data access and workflows. From hedging strategies and investment opportunities to plant operations and forecasting supply and demand dynamics, stay ahead of the power market with unmatched access to real-time monitoring data, power flow analytics, and modeling capabilities from our turnkey power solutions. Solutions scale by breadth and cadence according to your need and region, enabling access to crucial ISO data and analytics that can be integrated directly into your daily analyses. With our proprietary data and extensive sensor network, you'll unlock the ability to:

  • Obtain the data you need to view real-time power market fundamentals and uncover trends, patterns and opportunities

  • Place bids on a weekly to monthly basis to better understand competitor positions to inform longer-term bidding strategies

  • Mitigate risk and lower costs by modeling real-time and historical analytics, such as wind and load forecasts, within relevant ISOs

  • Understand the competitive landscape and the company’s risk tolerance through reliable analyst insights

  • Optimize your portfolios quickly using our enhanced digital tools and advanced data analytics

  • Quickly adapt your trading strategies and forecasting capabilities in real-time with the click of a button

Who is Our Service For?

Find your area of expertise and learn how we can help.

Power Traders

Power Traders

Strengthen your trading strategies while considering all factors impacting the grid. Understand how to value assets and companies to make optimal, informed trades, purchases, and sales while assessing risk vs. reward under current and historical market conditions. Build your own custom models to monitor power market trends in real-time to help grow your portfolios and business.

Asset Managers/Utilities

Asset Managers/Utilities

Make confident decisions about current and future commitments in business plans, trades, and individual assets. Monitor your portfolio performance and collate informed purchasing strategies based on data-backed and reliable forecasting. Instantly respond to price spikes, congestion events, and output levels at competing plants with the least amount of risk.



Keep pace with increasing market complexity and volatility by gaining oversight of power fundamentals to ensure fair trading and quickly identify market manipulation. Gain critical review and analysis of real-time grid conditions, outages, and planned or unplanned events.



Get relevant, down-to-the-minute market fundamental information to accurately supply clients with current supply, demand, and pricing to optimize their workflows and increase protfits. With centralized data collection and validation, you can rapidly identify possible trends and quantify their impact on your clients' trading strategies and building models.

Power Supply Managers

Power Supply Managers

Buying and selling power requires a close view of the market. Confidently and accurately schedule operations, manage on-site generation, and forecast demand while adhering to risk, credit policies, and regulations with our customizable power solutions.

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