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Lens Upstream is a vital tool that has helped many of our clients navigate the energy transition with certainty. Our data and analysis from our dedicated research team, has enabled our clients to discover, model, value and rapdily assess strategic growth opportunities. Find out more from their stories below.

BP - Success Story


BP - Success Story

What are the big exploration wells coming up, when I'm evaluating opportunities say in Trinidad, the North Sea or Mexico, what are the big wells, what are the fields in that area, what does Woodmac say, what does Lens says, regarding that field...

Jay Thorseth Vice President of Subsurface Renewal, BP

Shell - Success Story


Shell - Success Story

Data is changing so quickly…A product like Wood Mackenzie Lens allows you to visualise in real terms, a particular aspect you are interested in researching…but not just that, you can present using the Wood Mackenzie Lens platform to colleagues or to senior leaders and the conversation can move into different areas of interest lie.

Richard Baker Senior Energy Adviser, Shell

Africa Oil Corporation - Success Story


Africa Oil Corporation - Success Story

It's essential for those of us who work in oil & gas, in terms of influencing our own strategic decisions about how to manage our portfolios, where to invest and how we need to compete...

Amy Bowe Vice President of ESG, Africa Oil Corporation.

An oil pump in a vast snow covered field at sunset.
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Lens Upstream improves capital allocation for North Sea investments while halving time to insight.

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