Gas & LNG

Data-driven solutions, delivered with expert insights.

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Gas & LNG

Data-driven solutions, delivered with expert insights.

Connecting markets and assets - The Wood Mackenzie advantage

Understanding the interconnectivity between market analysis and assets is crucial for effectively building a comprehensive view of the Gas & LNG industry. It is precisely this understanding that has made Wood Mackenzie's gas & LNG analysis industry-leading. Our commitment to in-depth insights, supported by robust data offerings, thorough research, and comprehensive consulting services, allows us to provide unparalleled value and reliable information to our customers.


Integrate with your workflow

Lens Gas & LNG -Wood Mackenzie's data analytics platform empowers decisions with an integrated global view connecting markets and assets. It is built to deliver insights at key decision points in your end-to-end workflows and allows you to quickly and easily access data, research, and reports that cut across commodities.

Data also available via Wood Mackenzie Portal & API.

LNG Carrier Terminal, with vast pipelines to carry the gas.

How Wood Mackenzie's Gas & LNG solutions can help you


Lens Gas & LNG

Lens Gas & LNG is the single source for exploring industry data alongside leading expertise, analyses, and modelling insights to enable faster, more accurate operational and strategic level planning and portfolio management decisions.

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Gas & LNG Consulting

Wood Mackenzie Gas & LNG Consulting offers expert-based advisory services with a global team of experienced consultants leveraging industry-leading data and research. We support industry players and financiers across the gas and LNG value chain and around the world to find and develop opportunities and manage risks in the most dynamic energy sector.

  • Transaction support
  • Commercial advisory
  • Strategic advice
  • Business environment & market evaluation
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Discover Gas & LNG products

Global Gas Service

Identify opportunities, mitigate risks, and guide investment strategies by understanding global gas dynamics, pricing, and flows through the Global Gas Service

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LNG Service & Tool

Get a global perspective on the LNG market with our LNG service tool to develop a deep understanding of key projects and market forces.

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LNG Short-term Analytics

Understand the near-term dynamics of the LNG market to make informed strategic decisions.

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LNG Corporate Service

Gain a corporate perspective on investments in LNG to mitigate risks and optimise your position.

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Global Gas and LNG Executive Summary

Keep a finger on the pulse of the global gas and LNG market.

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Global Gas Model

The Global Gas Model runs global gas market simulations under various supply, demand, piped, storage, contract sales and producer behaviour assumptions.

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Global Gas Tool Next Generation

Use global gas analytics to interrogate the Global Gas Model Next Generation base case outputs to create custom reports on production, demand, price flows and utilisation.

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North America Gas Service

Vital online resource to help you understand complex gas market dynamics and plan for the future.

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Southern Cone Gas, Power & Renewables Service

Quickly identify opportunities with unrivalled insights and analysis of the natural gas, power and renewables markets for the Southern Cone region.

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European Energy Service

Stay on top of key fundamentals and get to the bottom of Europe's dynamic energy markets with our European Energy Service.

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China Gas & Power Service

Understand China's gas and power market, support investment decisions and create effective strategies.

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Southeast Asia Gas & Power Service

Our Southeast Asia Gas and Power Service offers invaluable proprietary data analysis to aid you with the identification of strategic opportunities.

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Mexico Natural Gas

Get a comprehensive, granular view of Mexican natural gas, including proprietary monitoring, balancing and forecasting​.

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Mexico Gas, Power & Renewables Service

Anticipate trends and make informed decisions with short- and long-term outlooks into the economics for Mexico gas, power & renewables markets.

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