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Upstream Service

In-depth insight and forward-looking analysis of the upstream oil and gas sector at the asset and country level.

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Asset valuations and proprietary data to help you discover global upstream investment and growth opportunities

Upstream Service provides in-depth analysis of countries and assets, plus insight from world-renowned experts on key developments including fiscal changes, licensing rounds and M&A activity, enabling you to identify and assess potential global upstream investment and expansion opportunities, and deliver winning growth strategies.

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Features and workflows

Quickly identify and screen upstream opportunities on a global scale

  • Asset and Country reports
  • Asset valuations
  • Key Plays reports
  • Regular Insights and Informs from our analysts
  • Access to experts
  • Integration with Lens* to dive deeper into the data underpinning the insight

*Lens subscription required

Global coverage on an unrivalled scale, covering:

  • 7,000+ valuations
  • 259 fiscal regime models
  • 20,000+ fields/plays
  • >3,000 detailed analyses
  • 140+ countries


M&A/Business Development

  • Get a detailed commercial understanding of individual upstream assets
  • Assess the future supply potential of assets under development or already onstream
  • Link seamlessly between reports and coverage of the asset in a range of tools to run sensitivities, and benchmark and map assets
  • Understand the drivers and context behind our independent valuation of projects


Strategic Planner

  • Evaluate the levels of investment and the economics of individual projects
  • Understand the context behind the cash flow analysis
  • Analyse development plans and capital expenditure estimates
  • Get the details of the fiscal terms and understand their impact on the valuation


Financial/Investment Analyst

  • Analyse development plans and capital expenditure estimates
  • Understand key reserve upsides and downsides for each project
  • Navigate between different assets to understand key developments and upcoming issues
  • Link seamlessly between reports and coverage of the asset in a range of tools to run sensitivities, and benchmark and map the assets
  • View the asset in context, and understand the major regional themes and issues
  • Renowned quality from embedded industry relationships and networks, built and nurtured over 50 years.
  • Global coverage on an unrivalled scale, built from the bottom up, asset by asset. Verified. 
  • 250 analysts located in every operational hub globally, covering all aspects of the upstream sector.​
  • A truly unique combination of technical expertise from our Centres of Excellence, alongside granular regional analysis, covering the key factors that impact the asset lifecycle.
  • Trusted fiscal coverage, driven by deep knowledge of each region and the intricacies of the tax positions of every asset, built up over decades. 
  • Fully integrated, cross-commodity data and analysis delivers an unparalleled level of depth and understanding of the energy value chain.
Frequently asked questions

Here you’ll find answers to the most common questions you may have on Upstream Service. If you have any other questions, contact us.

Our global data is unrivalled as it is built from the bottom up, asset by asset. We verify and sense check our assumptions and data with operators and partners, taking into account the corporate viewpoint to ensure you have a complete, accurate picture.

Upstream Service gives you direct access to 250+  of our expert upstream research professionals located  around the world, who have developed unrivalled  knowledge of the regions they cover.​

Their strong, established relationships with industry contacts takes our primary research to a more detailed level, where we can ask the right questions to get to the answers that matter.​ And they are always available to share their unique perspective with you.​

Access to:

  • Asset reports on fields and pipelines
  • Country reports
  • Asset valuations
  • Regular Insight and Inform reports
  • North America Key Plays reports

Speak with a specialist

Whether you’re looking for attractive new opportunities or evaluating existing projects, our experts are on hand to guide you through how our Upstream Service can help you.

For details on how your data is used and stored, see our Privacy Notice.
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