Lithium: 5 things to look for in 2023

Predictions for the year ahead

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What’s in this year’s report?  

The lithium market will continue to be underpinned by robust battery demand growth in 2023. Changes in cathode chemistry compositions and rising volume requirements are shaping the demand-side landscape. Further development will be seen in supply, led by mineral production ramp-ups in China and development in the rest-of-world, encouraged by high prices.  

The pricing mechanism for lithium products will continue to evolve in 2023 as the lithium market matures.  

In this report, we draw on insight from the Lithium Research Suite to share predictions for the key themes to watch in the year ahead.  

This includes:  

  • Evolution of pricing mechanisms 
  • Mineral concentrate production in China on the rise 
  • Demand growth and cathode chemistry changes 
  • And more  

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