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Wood Mackenzie Lens Subsurface

How can our integrated data-analytics platform work for you?

Designed to help you identify advantaged resources, Lens Subsurface Discovery enables you to discover and analyse a comprehensive global dataset to inform critical investment decisions.

This unique integration of commercial and geo-technical data gives you the insights you need to build and manage Upstream portfolios for the Energy Transition.

Core workflows include: play analysis, opportunity screening, benchmarking, analogue finding and downloading of spatial datasets.

We have collated a series of insights and videos to show you some of the key functionalities, capabilities and powerful analysis from the solution.

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Lens Subsurface Discovery

Explore our robust subsurface dataset. With global data coverage for every major play, Lens Subsurface Discovery takes the high quality of Wood Mackenzie’s upstream data and extends it to the subsurface space.

Latest Upstream insights – powered by Lens

Explore our latest insights, powered by Lens Subsurface, finding and capitalizing on the right opportunities with subsurface analysis that supports you for the complete life cycle of an asset.

Watch Lens in action

Watch some of our workflow videos to see just how quick and easy Lens Subsurface Discovery is to use and how it could help you analyse the critical subsurface factors that correlate with reservoir performance and value.

Additional Lens solutions

Wood Mackenzie Lens has analytics-ready data and workflows including a range of sectors and focus areas across the integrated natural resources value chain. Learn more about our Upstream solution below.

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