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Upstream Asset Valuations

Save time and simplify your analysis workflow cycle with high-quality upstream asset valuations, available through an easy-to-use online interface.

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Instantly access base case data and create customised valuations

In today's volatile price environment, you need to quickly analyse assets to separate the high performers from the underachievers.

Our online Upstream Asset Valuations tool saves you time by providing easy access to pre-populated oil and gas valuation data you can trust.

Powered by the industry's leading economic modelling platform - our Global Economic Model (GEM) - this web-based tool enables you to quickly create and test bespoke asset valuations. You can also customise price, asset profiles and fiscal terms so you can confidently identify and assess growth opportunities.


Real-time asset data at your fingertips

Quickly analyse assets and identify growth opportunities with our online Upstream Asset Valuation tool, which provides instant access to valuation data you can trust.

Features at a glance

Quickly create bespoke asset valuations during early-stage asset screening and benchmarking.

Using the tool, you can:

  • Start with our base case view and quickly customise price, asset profiles and fiscal terms to create bespoke upstream asset valuations
  • Update price assumptions, perform sensitivity analysis and update annual production and cost data 
  • Analyse key economic indicators and cash flow data
  • Edit and apply asset profile changes and run the asset valuation to reflect your reality
  • Download Excel files to fully understand our fiscal models, and work offline for increased flexibility
  • Access

    real-time data through a web-based platform

  • Edit

    production and fiscal terms

  • Download

    cash flow summaries

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