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Metals & Mining Corporate Tool

Global in-depth coverage of the metals and mining industry to inform your investment strategy.


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Assess investment opportunities and make cost-effective sourcing decisions

Our comprehensive global research into the Metals and Mining industry helps you scrutinise the way the industry is reacting to the sector increase in profitability, as well as how it is dealing with balancing spending on decarbonisation while ensuring shareholder returns and delivering growth.

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With analysis of more than 3200+ assets and 1500+ companies across base metals and bulks, plus benchmarking reports covering 15 companies across CORSI core themes, we help you:

  • Compare company performance against business targets
  • Understand corporate strategies, and their policies, constraints, strengths and weaknesses
  • Find out how companies are positioned for the energy transition
  • Screen acquisition opportunities at company, country and regional level
  • Benchmark companies on capacity, investment, revenues, costs, cash flow and valuation metrics
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in portfolios and performance

What do you get with the Mining & Metals Corporate Service?

Our Metals & Mining Corporate Service delivers you the industry’s most in-depth and relevant global research that helps inform your investment strategies. It allows you to slice data by asset status, commodity and the country or region of operation, dig deeper into a company’s financial performance and benchmark companies against key metrics, and it gives you access to cash flows, NPV, mine reserves and resources, capex, costed mine production, and net pre-tax cash flow. It includes:

Metals & Mining Corporate Service

Metals & Mining Corporate Service

As well as access to our expert corporate analysts,


You will also receive:

  • Analysis of more than 3,200 assets and 1,500+ companies across base metals and bulks
  • Weekly turnaround on quarterly results
  • Corporate profiles on 5 x Tier 1 and 10 x Tier 2
  • Corporate financial models with 4-6 data updates per company
  • Benchmarking reports covering core companies across Corporate Resilience and Sustainability (CoRSI) core themes

Who is the Metals & Mining Corporate Service for?

Let our world-leading research and in-depth insights help you achieve your goals