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Transform the way you make strategic investment decisions in clean energy

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A complete data analytics solution for the energy transition

Lens Power connects conventional power, solar, wind and energy storage data and insights in an easy-to-use, unified platform.

Use it to screen, benchmark and value companies, portfolios, and power generation assets globally.


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With Lens Power, organisations can look across the electricity value chain to make data-driven strategic investment decisions and improve performance.

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Features and workflows

Integrated market intelligence to strengthen power market investment strategies

  • Our team is made up of over 2,000 specialists covering all areas of the energy supply chain.
  • With over 10 years’ experience in power and renewables we are a true pioneer in new energy markets.
  • Backed up by our deep experience in energy and natural resources, we are uniquely capable of delivering analysis across interconnected markets.
  • Based in 30 global locations, we work in close partnership with energy producers, governments, financial institutions, and utilities companies around the world.
  • Together, we deliver insight to the people leading the energy transition, equipping them to separate risk from opportunity and make bold decisions when it matters most.

Long-term planning and strategy

  • New market entry
  • Market expansion
  • Portfolio management

Investment due diligence

  • Benchmarking asset / portfolio valuations
  • Merchant revenue and risk assessment
  • Project lifecycle analysis (repower, upgrade, retire)

Renewable developers: Identify opportunities and develop new renewable projects.​

Investors: Deploy capital to purchase debt / equity in new and existing renewable projects.​

Banks: Provide financing and facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers of renewable projects.​

Utilities: Variably regulated asset owners and operators who manage the retail sale and distribution of electricity and oversee existing asset portfolios.​

Independent power producers (IPP): Own and/or operate facilities to generate electricity and then sell it via a power purchase agreement (PPA).

Energy companies: Primarily oil and gas businesses with increasing investment in the energy transition.​

  • Strategically position your organization to quickly respond to market conditions and be on the forefront of the energy transition
  • Maximize investment opportunities in clean energy with trusted, analytics-ready data for confident decision-making
  • Minimize risk by validating portfolio strategies against Wood Mackenzie data and models
  • Increase productivity and lower costs with immediate insights using an intuitive interface fit for all users

Lens Power Solutions

Lens Power Solutions

Lens Power Discovery

  • Screen for development sites with unique geospatial layers and filters
  • Benchmark corporate asset portfolios with full transparency into the development pipeline
  • Investigate power market dynamics of supply, demand, and LCOE for markets and technologies
  • Assess nodal risk with historic, real-time and projected prices.

Lens Power Valuations

  • Estimate annual cashflows, IRR, payback period, LCOE, operating expense, capital costs and net revenue at a project level ​
  • Run portfolio-level sensitivities to discount rate, capital expense, operating expense, power price and production​
  • Export live discounted cashflow models and portfolio summaries into Excel​
  • Download charts and tables for use in presentations and pitchbooks​.

Lens Direct

Powerful API service to seamlessly integrate Wood Mackenzie data into your own proprietary systems and BI tools, including Excel, Power BI, Spotfire, Tableau and more.

Frequently asked questions

Here you’ll find answers to the most common questions you may have on Lens Power.

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Yes. The energy transition involves multiple industries coalescing. The unified experience in Lens means that anyone entitled to Lens Power, Lens Hydrogen and Lens CCUS solutions will be able to analyse, screen, benchmark and value these datasets alongside each other in the same Lens interface, enabling incredibly powerful workflows. This multi-industry view lets users employ maps, dashboards and search navigation tools to perform cross-commodity analysis and encourage exploration beyond basic questions.

Absolutely. Lens Power delivers historic settled power prices, real-time, long-term zonal forecasts, and nodal price projections to create an end-to-end analysis of risk and return for new clean energy investments with nodal granularity.

Definitely. Wood Mackenzie is the leading provider of power price curves, with trusted forecasts out to 2050. We offer a full suite of power market fundamentals analysis for high-throughput screening activities.

Yes. Lens Power provides a global map with rich geospatial overlays including wind speed, solar irradiance, transmission infrastructure, land use, and Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) community layers to highlight where tax incentives may be available for new renewable projects in the United States.

Designed to help identify investment opportunities, Lens Power Valuations enables your organisation to quickly value an asset, estimating annual cashflows, IRR, payback period, LCOE, operating expense, capital costs and net revenue at a project level. Our valuation capability lets you stress test valuations, export live discounted cashflow models and download charts and tables for use in presentations and pitchbooks.