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Global Gas Service

Explore global and inter-regional gas market dynamics to identify opportunities, mitigate risks, and guide investment strategies

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Global and inter-regional gas market dynamics

GGS provides thorough gas sector coverage, including LNG and piped gas supply, demand, trade fundamentals, and price forecasts. We offer detailed data, transparent assumptions, and insightful commentary to keep you informed on global market dynamics and current events.

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Features and workflows

Our short-, medium-, and long-term global price forecasts, supported by bespoke market scenarios and expert analysis, empower you to explore trade and pricing dynamics, benchmark future projects on the global cost curve, and analyze evolving demand trends.

  • Access to global forecasts supported with regional detail
  • Market scenarios to assess the impact of industry themes on our base case
  • Regularly published reports and insights
  • Access to expert analysts

Base Case Global Gas Views

  • 30-year strategic planning outlook - comprehensive view into long-term market trends, supply-demand balances, and trade implications.
  • 10-year investment horizon outlook- focuses on market reactions to investment cycles for business planning, origination, and development opportunities.
  • 2-year short-term outlook- accurate short-term forecasts on supply, demand, trade, and pricing.


Regularly Updated Scenarios

  • Outlooks and insights delivered by Wood Mackenzie analysts for users to assess the impact of industry themes on our base case. Scenarios include:
  • Net zero scenario – Global gas market outlook consistent with 1.5°C warming (global net zero by 2050).


Stay Informed

Thematic reports contextualising disruptive developments, sensitivities, and emerging industry trends.

Regional reports and data summarising country-level balances, flows and price forecasts.

Corporate Strategy Research

Understand the drivers behind global gas fundamentals, trade flows and the outlook for price

Understand the impact of key market player behaviours on global market fundamentals and flows

Benchmark future projects against the global supply cost curve

LNG Marketing & Trading

Analyse key exporting country behaviours and strategies

Understand the short and term and long term pricing outlook for key gas hubs and regional markets/basins

Analyse the growing seasonal dynamics of the global gas market and how it will affect portfolio optimisation

Gas & Power Market Analyst

Assess the impact of trigger events which change the outlook for the global gas market

Learn about the growth potential of new markets and emerging demand themes (LNG bunkering, LNG Hub development) plus the competitive threats to existing business

Understand the assumptions and narrative of our global gas data for your internal models and presentations

Integrated: GGS is consistent with Wood Mackenzie’s regional and cross-commodity outlooks through the power of the Global Gas Model which leverages the strength of Wood Mackenzie's regional gas, LNG, and asset analysis.

Comprehensive: Complete coverage of the gas sector, including supply, demand, and trade fundamentals for LNG and piped gas, offers a holistic understanding of the gas market and price forecast.

Transparent: Detailed data, assumptions, and commentary provide a clear understanding of our base case and price drivers with a team of global analysts on-demand for clarifications and questions.

Frequently asked questions

Here you’ll find answers to the most common questions you may have on Wood Mackenzie's Global Gas Service. If you have any other questions, get in touch.

The Strategic Planning Outlook (SPO) & Investment Horizon Outlook (IHO) are both updated annually. The Short-term Outlook is updated quarterly.

When updates are released, customers are invited to attend webinars to interact with our analysts as they discuss changes to the base case.

Our global forecasts are supported with regional detail. All our gas & LNG analyses are built by a global team working together with in-region experts to provide in-depth analysis tailored to the individual dynamics of specific gas markets for customers who need to dive deeper.

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The Wood Mackenzie base case is our supply, demand and pricing forecast that is developed by our expert analysts utilizing our robust modelling capabilities. This information, and associated analysis, can be found in our market outlooks: the 30-year Strategic Planning Outlook (SPO), the 10-year Investment Horizon Outlook (IHO), and the 2-year Short-term Outlook. We use this base case as a starting point and  any changes, real or hypothetical, are reflected in our research. Customers can also use this information to benchmark internal views or as a second, third party, opinion.

Our research is aligned across all commodities, with analysis crafted by a global team collaborating closely with regional sector experts to establish unparalleled industry depth and breadth of knowledge. This integrated approach enables us to offer you a consistent and considered Wood Mackenzie view across the energy and metals value chains.

Your success is our success!

Gain direct access to our analysts & industry-leading research to keep ahead of market trends and dynamics. Delivering a quick turnaround on requests and queries, consider us an extension of your team!

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Gas markets and regions are becoming more globally connected and LNG trading is expanding as the business is becoming more flexible & tradable. Get in touch with one of our experts to learn more about how Global Gas Service can help you identify opportunities, mitigate risks, and guide investment strategies. 

For details on how your data is used and stored, see our Privacy Notice.
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