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Rhine Oil Barge Report

Access accurate weekly data and analysis of refined product flows from the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA) region to destinations on the Rhine.


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Understand oil movement in the Rhine

Through a combination of industry expertise, satellite and terrestrial AIS data, and in-house oil storage data, we provide a comprehensive, weekly report of Rhine barge flows. This is broken down by refined product type, load terminals and delivery areas.

The Rhine Oil Barge Report helps you understand fluctuations in inland barge demand and European refined products market.

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Features at a glance

Barge tracking

We aggregate voyages and calculate the overall volumes of refined products entering the Rhine each week. The metrics on each grade are determined statistically through a unique algorithm. We reference the available storage capacity at each terminal where barges loaded during the week, as well as the capacity at discharge terminals along the Rhine and its tributaries and connected canals, to get an accurate estimate.

Waterborne oil flow monitoring

By carefully tracking each vessel using our AIS technology, and referencing detailed intelligence on load and discharge terminals, we accurately estimate true volumes of refined product flows to their final destination.

Unique market insight

European gasoil and ULSD markets are particularly reactive to inland demand. Get weekly commentary on total refined product demand in the region.