Webinar | How green can steel go: the potential impact on coal and iron ore

Up to now, CO2 emissions associated with iron and steelmaking have been cheap, and so the effort to reduce them has been limited. However, with investors revaluating their portfolios from an ESG perspective, and with CO2 costs rising, steelmaking emission reduction pressures are rising.

Wood Mackenzie’s base case forecasts take incremental technological evolution for emission reduction into account. Here we present a more radical, greener, view of recycling all available steel scrap. What role can hydrogen and carbon capture play? In which countries is this most likely to be adopted, and what does that mean for those countries’ legacy steel industries? What impact would it have on coal and iron ore?

In this 45-minute webinar our cross-sector team will discuss:

  • How far can hydrogen and carbon capture take us
  • Ironmaking technologies and emissions
  • What role could scrap play
  • What impact could it have on metallurgical coal and iron ore