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European Refinery Intelligence

Access our extensive look at the daily status of refinery unit operations in Europe.


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Unique insights into crude supply, demand and potential supply of refined products

Understanding the operational health of refining units is increasingly important to navigating the market. A brief upset at a single distillation unit can lead to a spike in the price of future refined products.

By combining our observations on the operational status of refining units with in-house analytical and technological expertise, we provide an unique view of European refineries. We monitor all major facilities in Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA),  the UK and France. 

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A steaming, glowing mass of smoke stacks and distillation towers connected by conduit and pipe racks towers in the early morning light in front of the Port of Los Angeles.

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Our European refinery intelligence monitors 65% of the refineries west of the Former Soviet Union.

Get real-time information including unit level operational statuses, images of refinery operations and event-based alerts for refineries in the UK and Europe. Access real-time flow data for several key European pipelines, including multiple segments of the Druzhba pipeline system.

We deliver detailed information and expert commentary on the status of key units at monitored refineries in Europe. This provides unique insight into crude consumption and the production of light products, middle distillates and heavy products.

We are the only provider that detects and reports on unplanned outages, combining observations obtained from infrared cameras
with in-house analytical and technological expertise.

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