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Mid-Continent Pipeline Service

Get an unparalleled view of critical oil pipeline flows serving production, storage and refining areas in the US mid-continent.


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Keep an eye on the pipeline crossroads of the world

Be the first to know about major pipeline shutdowns, start-ups, and flow changes. We monitor real-time flows on critical crude oil pipelines supplying and servicing key storage hubs, production basins, and refineries. Notably, we cover 91% of the pipeline network connected to Cushing, Oklahoma, in real time.

Use our comprehensive coverage to create granular supply and demand models, with accurate PADD to PADD movements and insight into refinery operations via specific pipeline feedstock data.

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Features at a glance

Real-time alerts

Get real-time alerts and half-hourly flow updates by pipeline for quick assessment of market moving events. Be the first to react.

Comprehensive data 

Analyse pipeline flow data connected to key storage hubs and refineries in the mid-continent. Use flow data as a proxy for production basins connected to the mid-continent, including Western Canada, Bakken, Permian Niobrara, SCOOP and STACK.

Use our real-time flow data to front run Cushing crude inventory data from the EIA.

Collaborative insight 

Purchase this report with the Cushing Crude Oil Storage Report and receive the Cushing Balance Supplement Report, an analysis and discussion of pipeline flow dynamics pertaining to Cushing storage inventories.

Critical intelligence

Receive ad hoc intelligence reporting on critical pipeline infrastructure progress, which could reveal potential delays.