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US Gulf Coast Pipelines Report

Real-time crude oil flow data for key Permian and US Gulf Coast pipelines, including 100% of coverage of long-haul pipeline capacity crossing PADDs 2 & 3.


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Critical, timely intelligence on crude oil pipeline flows

In recent years, the US Gulf Coast solidified its role as a crucial market for exports by providing a key connection between growing US crude production and global demand markets. With extensive infrastructure changes underway in the Gulf Coast, real-time flow data and reliable information about regional oil infrastructure is essential.

Our product includes flow updates by pipeline every 30 minutes, real-time alerting on market-moving events, and intelligence on construction progress for major Gulf Coast pipelines. 

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Features at a glance

Timely updates

Be the first to react. We provide real-time alerts and half-hourly flow updates by pipeline enabling for quick assessment of market moving events. Use our real-time flow data to evaluate the impact on crude oil storage inventories in the Gulf Coast region. 

Comprehensive coverage 

Our Gulf Coast pipeline product covers more than 6 million barrels per day of capacity, including key Permian-outbound pipelines and major pipelines into the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coasts.

Compatible data 

Embed our Gulf Coast pipeline data into your own pricing or supply and demand models using our API.

Critical intelligence

Receive ad hoc intelligence reporting on progress of critical pipeline infrastructure progress, which could reveal potential delays.

Third party data

Access throughput data collected from various state and federal regulatory bodies for monitored and unmonitored pipelines.