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Cathode & Precursor Research Suite

Unmatched analysis of the entire cathode and precursor materials supply chain to help you make smarter, more informed decisions.


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Assess investment opportunities and make cost-effective sourcing decisions

Our Cathode & Precursor Research Suite offers the greatest depth and breadth of cathode and precursor materials analysis available. Gain insight into the supply chain and major markets to more accurately understand the nuances of the cathode and precursor materials industries and anticipate developments.

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With 10+ cathode chemistries costed, NMC cathode costed by region, 330+ cathode and precursor plants tracked, 20+ types of cathode materials analysed and a forecast horizon to 2050, we help you:

  • Better understand risks and opportunities
  • Screen, identify, and evaluate growth and acquisition opportunities
  • Analyse demand, supply, and price fundamentals on a global and country level
  • Obtain comprehensive analysis on emerging trends around the world
  • Benchmark against peers

What do you get with the Cathode & Precursor Research Suite?

Our Cathode & Precursor Market Service provides comprehensive coverage of cathode and precursor markets including manufacturing of precursors and cathode active materials, demand trends by main end-uses, cathode technology outlook, cost forecast and regional supply chain analysis. It also gives you:

Cathode & Precursor Market Service

Cathode & Precursor Market Service

As well as access to our expert cathode and precursor analysts, you also receive:

  • Detailed long-term outlook reports, including an extended outlook to 2050 and near-term outlooks to 2035
  • Extended outlook to 2050 built on a blend of core and new Wood Mackenzie proprietary models
  • Short-term outlooks to support quick, accurate decision-making
  • In-depth analysis into all aspects of the cathode and precursor materials supply chain and markets, as well as forecasts, sustainability issues and cost predictions
  • Client Excel datasheets of underlying data

Who is the Cathode and Precursor Research Suite for?

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