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Asia Pacific Power Service

Understand the latest trends in leading power technologies, markets, regulations, and pricing to mitigate risk while maximising opportunity.


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Understanding the effects of energy transition, conventional and renewable power technologies, regulations, economic shifts, and fuel price changes is essential for forecasting future power movements to ultimately mitigate risk and develop strategies. Our service can support with your foundational data and analyses including providing hourly-level power price outlooks for all majors countries in Asia Pacific. Whether you are assessing market opportunities, carving out a supply-chain strategy, planning your next renewables energy project investment, or looking for value enhancement of your power assets, we are here to help. Our market profiles provides in-depth information on Asia Pacific's power markets to keep you up to date on the latest market developments and future trends that provide the tools to:

  • Identify technologies, policies, and players that will define the pace and scope of change in the Asia Pacific power system
  • Access proprietary linear programming model designed to represent the dynamics of the gas and power networks
  • Optimize your flow of fuels (gas, coal, and diesel) to power plants and the generation of power to satisfy demand on a least cost basis
  • Understand the effect of real-world constraints such as gas contracts, gas supply availability, gas pipeline capacities, hydro seasonality, power transmission capacities and generation capacity of power plants
  • Provides fuel flows (along the gas infrastructure and the usage of other fuels) and power flows including power generation and transmissions
  • View marginal prices that are calculated by our model for both gas and power easily

What do you get with our Asia Pacific Power Service?

Our detailed inter-province power coverage enables us to model power exchanges for major inland exporters & coastal importers to support your daily trading analysis as well as longer term investment and planning research. Make quick business decisions with robust capabilities that allow you to:

  • Deliver on key supply, demand and transmission projections throughout the study period

  • Provide demand projections at the provincial level and power generating supply information that is detailed by technology and fuel generation

  • Gain Southeast Asia power market research coverage which includes supply-demand fundamentals and pricing information for Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam

  • Supply technology cost competitiveness reports including an annual update report on power generation costs (LCOE) based on expert data inputs and local market dynamics by region to 2050

  • Monitor regional integrated power outlooks using hourly dispatch models: bi-annual updates on power demand growth, capacity build, generation, wholesale and retail prices, capture prices, retirements, and hourly generation profiles

  • Provides deep-dive reports on corporate power procurement and asset ownership in Asia Pacific plus datasets on PPAs and companies

  • Get technology market outlook reports such as annual reports analyzing the competitive landscape, policy dynamics, growth drivers for wind, solar and energy storage technologies

  • Understand topical market-driven insights that provide timely, impactful analysis on policy, demand, power prices, developer opportunities and risks, technology trends, market reforms, grid integration, and M&A activity shaping the Asia Pacific power and renewables markets

  • Access our proprietary database which includes project tracking and segmentation by country, owner, size and other project data, plus power asset M&A database

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Make confident decisions about current and future business opportunities and individual assets by utilising our historical and proprietary data to understand market development and guide strategic decisions in line with your growth goals. Our robust forecasts give you insight into market prices and fundamentals to project your success.



Get the largest return on your investments by viewing our trusted data forecasts out to 2050 to secure your assets' success and value in the market at any time.

Renewable Developers

Renewable Developers

Keep pace with increasing market complexity and volatility to support strategic long-term capacity investment or resource utilisation planning decisions with our 30+ year forecast into the future to ensure sound investment value of power plants, the changing patterns of power prices, the impacts of regulation on power generation, and more.

Large Energy Users

Large Energy Users

Inform your purchasing, energy supply, and utilisation strategies, positioning your business to take advantage of the opportunities of the energy transition.

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