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Europe Power Service

Sort through the uncertainty and complex challenges of delivering growth and decarbonisation to Europe's power markets.


Discover strategic opportunities in Europe's rapidly evolving power markets

The implications of European power's rapid transformation are enormous. Capture the impacts that technology, policy, regulation, and underlying fuel and emissions costs are having on electricity generation, demand, and wholesale prices.

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Make sense of the complex regional and national electricity markets with integrated analyses connecting key macroeconomic factors and gas, coal, and carbon prices to 2050. Explore the development of renewable power costs, capacity growth and generation, and detailed analysis of new demand sectors, such as decarbonised heat and hydrogen. Our Europe Power Service gives you the knowledge you need to succeed. With market-level projections of capacity, supply, flows and pricing, regional overview of key data and themes, technology cost analysis, and fuel and emissions costs, we help you:

  • Evaluate project economics as power market supply, design, and operations evolve
  • Extract outlooks on supply, flexibility, demand, and price with integrated analysis to 2050
  • Understand the effects of environmental policy on the generation mix
  • Identify the policies, markets & technologies that will drive change in Europe’s power system
  • Create a complete picture of the future with integrated outlooks
  • Review changing volumes and prices to understand the unfolding dynamics of Europe’s energy transition
  • Gain visibility into hourly chronological analysis and data for power generation, flows, and pricing

What do you get with our Europe Power Service?

Our industry-leading analysis of the European power market will help you identify opportunities, develop strategy, and guide investments to successfully evolve in the rapidly changing electricity sector. Individual market reports, datafiles & power data tool provide focused commentary and analysis of hourly prices, market pricing dynamics, supply-cost stacks, and technology specific capture prices at your fingertips.


Gain access to Wood Mackenzie European power analysts and our all-encompassing service that includes:

  • Full 8,760 hourly chronological analysis covering 90% of total power volume in EU-27, UK & Norway

  • Market reports and full hourly datasets published for Germany, France, GB, Italy (zonal), Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Portugal, and Nordic markets (Sweden, Norway, Finland & Denmark by price area), Poland, Greece​

  • Hourly power market analysis, proprietary data and reporting​ (national or zonal where applicable) to 2050 with outlooks for capacity, generation, flexibility, flows & prices (including technology capture prices)​

  • Generation & technology cost reports, levelised cost (LCOE) analysis with sensitivities at a market level for all major conventional and renewable generation technologies, battery energy storage, and hybrid projects

  • Interconnection flows and congestion data

  • New build capacity projections for renewables and conventional plants

  • Detailed retirement analysis, including the enactment of coal and nuclear phase-out polices

  • Outlooks for capacity, generation & prices – wholesale prices and capture prices for all major technologies, including conventional sources and renewables

  • Topical insights, informs, and market volume & price tracking

  • The associated Europe Power Tool enables users to work with our forecast results at a more granular level by charting data and tailoring reports to evaluate changes in the power supply mix, hourly prices, and long-term market trends

Who is our Europe Power Service For?

Find your area of expertise and learn how we can help.

Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions

See the value in potential opportunities clearly and evaluate assets to ensure the return on your investment.

Renewable Developers

Renewable Developers

Build new power facilities and invest in new ventures with revenue detail at the click of a button.



Optimise your strategy, asset valuations, and revenue projections using historical and current information to understand drivers and risks for a reliable lens into the future.

Large Energy Users

Large Energy Users

Inform your purchasing, energy supply, and utilisation strategies, positioning your business to take advantage of the opportunities of the energy transition.

The Europe Power & Renewables Service expands our European analysis, providing all the features and content of the Power Service plus analysis of regional renewables markets with a 10-year outlook.

  • Europe solar PV outlook
  • Onshore wind market outlooks
  • Europe offshore wind power outlook
  • Europe grid scale storage outlook
  • Europe behind-the-meter storage outlook

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