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Wind Supply Chain Service

Map wind turbine market shares, sourcing strategies, and vendor relationships across the global wind power industry.

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As global competitiveness of wind is increasing, and price pressure is mounting on the industry, companies are moving their wind supply chain into more cost-effective countries. Meanwhile, the significant economies of scale present in the Chinese market has made it the epicenter of the wind supply chain globally.  Geopolitical pressures and drives for energy independence have prompted many markets to impose local content requirements will warrant further supply chain investments. We help you:

  • Understand wind energy supply side trends around the world
  • Be a step ahead of your competition by equipping yourself with current and historical wind data
  • Gain access to analyses and forecasts to best devise your business strategies within the wind energy supply chain

What do you get with our Wind Supply Chain Service?

  • In-Depth Reports: Covering the breadth of the wind energy supply chain. These reports highlight financial performance, supply chain locations, key strategic partnerships and detailed market share analysis of key strategic components. 
  • Market Share Reporting: For the largest wind turbine manufacturers, defined at a global, regional and per-country basis.  
  • Quarterly Analysis of Wind Turbine Order Activity: Including prevailing prices, total volume commitments and key trends observed in wind turbine technology evolution in the most recent turbine orders.
  • Five Proprietary Databases: Including annual Wind Turbine and Supply Chain Component Manufacturing database, quarterly Wind company financial database, monthly Wind Turbine OEMs order Intake database, annual Global Wind Turbine OEMs Market Share Forecasts, annual Global Wind Turbine OEMs Historical Market Share databases.
  • Annual Global Wind Turbine Market Share Forecast: Analysis of wind turbine OEMs' commercial competitive positioning in the next decade. The analysis includes market share evolution predictions for global, regional, and up to 60 individual markets/regions for onshore and offshore wind.
  • Industry-driven Insights: Covering industry events such as mergers and acquisitions, profitability tender results, product launches and regulatory shifts, these short pieces help you assess the potential impacts of recent industry events.
  • Topical Presentations: Expert presentations delivered at global conferences and events are also included.

  • Expert Webinars: Join us when our report authors dive into the latest content during live one-hour webinars.

Who is Our Wind Technology, Systems & Operations Service For?

Find your area of expertise and learn how we can help.

Strategic Planner / Market Intelligence

Strategic Planner / Market Intelligence

  • Benchmark the performance and strategic efforts of potential mergers or acquisitions within the wind power supply
  • Use global, regional or market specific capacity forecasts to develop short- and long-term strategies within the wind power industry
  • Compare your own performance against direct competitors, industry peers and best in class strategies

Procurement & Operations

Procurement & Operations

  • Enhance your efforts against detailed insights on current activities and strategic drivers of direct competitors and peers
  • Understand how shifts and trends in the global and local supply chain are affecting future demand
  • Rely on updated data on policies, markets, companies, technologies and more to drive faster, more accurate decisions

Business Development / M&A

Business Development / M&A

  • Evaluate regulatory and policy environments as well as their impact on future business development
  • Model existing portfolio and risk profile versus other opportunities within the industry
  • Use the global, regional, and market forecasts to understand which areas are critical to future success within the industry

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