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European Pipeline Monitoring

Unparalleled view of critical oil pipeline flows serving key refining areas in Western Europe.


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Coverage of more than 80% of long-haul pipeline capacity in Western Europe, including the Druzhba system

Be the first to know about major pipeline shutdowns, start-ups, and flow changes. Our service monitors real-time flows on critical crude oil pipelines supplying and servicing key refineries.  Use our comprehensive coverage to create granular supply and demand models, with added insight into refinery operations via specific pipeline feedstock data.

Wood Mackenzie uses proprietary electromagnetic field (EMF) technology to monitor pipeline flows. This is the same proven strategy and patented technology that Wood Mackenzie has used to monitor power plants and transmission lines since 2002.

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Our European pipeline monitoring service provides real-time alerts and half-hourly pipeline flows for European crude oil pipelines


Get real-time alerts and half-hourly flow updates by pipeline for quick assessment of market moving events. Be the first to react.

Analyse pipeline flow data connected to refineries in Western Europe. Use flow data as leading-edge indicator for refinery throughput and refined product yields.

Combine this report with the European Refinery Intelligence Service to understand the complete picture of European refinery operations and their respective feedstocks.

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