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Strategic refinery simulation model for refinery operation planning and optimisation


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Optimise your operations, profitability and ROI

An ever changing landscape around logistics, technology, demand and specifications is putting pressure on refineries to optimise operations and profitability in order to compete effectively.

PetroPlan is the industry-leading refinery simulation model with a built-in optimiser that enables you to evaluate investments, simulate process and financial options, and screen scenarios that will maximise your commercial advantage and ROI.

Features at a glance

PetroPlan is the industry-leading refinery simulation model that enables users the ability to simulate, assess, and run scenarios to accommodate any change in facility additions, grassroots refineries, regulatory impacts, and alternate feedstocks.

Built on industry-leading refining data, trusted analysts and a library of over 300 assays, PetroPlan analyses, simulates and evaluates operational and financial characteristics of refineries, enabling you to maximise commercial advantage and ROI. Use PetroPlan for optimising refinery output and profitability based on crude and product characteristics. The model is also used to assess project investments, run scenarios on different crude mix or price decks, and perform crude valuation studies.

The simulation model offers:

  • Built-in optimiser to maximise net profit
  • Crude assay library with over 300 assays
  • Non-linear process sub-models
  • Customisable block, crude assay, stream, blender and other data
  • Block-by-block report
  • Batch analysis for multiple refineries and price scenarios
  • Linear programming optimisation
  • Flowsheet style simulation
  • 300+


  • Linear

    programming optimisation

  • Batch

    analysis for multiple refineries and price scenarios

  • Maximise

    net profit with built-in optimiser

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