Part 5: unlocking the value of refinery-petrochemicals integration

Will the refining strength seen through 2022 continue? ​

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The last video in this series "Will the refining strength seen through 2022 continue?" discusses the significant refining strength from pandemic-driven capacity rationalisation, strong demand recovery and how self-sanctioning compounded the fear of loss of Russian supply. 

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We believe that it is no longer good enough to look at refineries on a purely economic basis. We have to extend the analysis and think about how refining, petrochemicals and green technologies interact and succeed together.

Wood Mackenzie has Asset Benchmarking Tools (ABTs) covering both refining and petrochemicals. These tools can analyse down to the individual refinery process units in tools like REM Chemicals and Petroplan and can also have the same understanding of petrochemical facilities through the ABTs.

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