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Understand the interplay between commodities and the economy to help forecast the pace of global economic development.


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From driving demand through to affecting the cost of supply, the economy is critical to the commodity markets. Equally, economic growth is frequently impacted by commodity production and prices.

What is Macroeconomics?

Wood Mackenzie's comprehensive understanding of commodity markets coupled with our detailed macroeconomic analysis put us in a unique position to forecast global economic growth.

Wood Mackenzie uses a set of detailed proprietary models to project economic development to 2035, drawing on our commodity outlooks, demographic projections and investment and productivity analysis on each major economy. Our macroeconomic forecasts underpin all commodity analysis in Wood Mackenzie, ensuring an integrated and consistent view.

Macroeconomics include:

  • GDP outlooks updated every quarter
  • Over 100 economies
  • Sector forecasts including industry, autos and construction
  • Regional forecasts for China and US
  • 2040 forecast horizon
  • Insightful analysis of key trends and risks
  • 100+


  • 2040

    forecast horizon

  • GDP

    outlooks updated every quarter

Designed to help you:
  • Assess key macroeconomic drivers of commodity demand to 2035
  • Stay informed about the latest macroeconomic events affecting the key commodity markets
  • Sense check your own view on the global economic outlook
  • Understand regional and local differences of key economies including China, US, and Canada
  • Realize/Recognize key risks that could impact the global economic outlook
  • Proactively respond to events with our timely topical insights