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Horizons Live: Conflicts of interest

The cost of investing in the energy transition in a high interest-rate era

1 minute read

The ‘zero era’ for interest rates has come to an end. In the past two years, rates have risen sharply as central banks have scrambled to fight inflationary pressures. Governments, companies and households face markedly higher market rates and bond yields, which could yet rise further. The increase in the cost of capital has profound implications for the energy and natural resources industries, particularly the cost and pace of the transition to low-carbon technologies.

Transitioning to a net zero global economy is a monumental investment challenge. Meeting the challenge, already an outside bet, will have to happen against a less favourable monetary backdrop than the world has been used to since 2009.

This month's Horizons live host Ed Crooks, Vice Chair Americas, is joined by Peter Martin, Head of Economics, Macroeconomics, Lindsey Entwistle, Senior Analyst, Energy Transition Scenarios & Technologies and Srinivasan Santhakumar, Senior Research Analyst, Offshore Wind, to discuss the cost of investing in the energy transition in a high-interest-rate era.

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