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The drive to net zero

As the ambition of European energy policy is crystalised in revised national energy and climate plans, we look at the challenges and opportunities facing organisations operating and investing in the region's rapidly decarbonising power markets.

Join Wood Mackenzie's Europe power team as they present the latest long-term outlooks for markets, focusing on the formation of supply, demand and prices.

During the webinar, Wood Mackenzie will discuss:

Accessing the key drivers of market development and decarbonisation

  • Power markets emerge from the energy crisis, assessing short-term changes in supply, demand and prices
  • Updated National Energy & Climate Plans, and new road maps to 2030
  • Boosting growth in renewables and the electrification of energy demand, the shifting balance of power market dynamics

Market influences and outcomes – factors shaping our latest views and comparisons to the previous outlook

  • Commodity prices and macroeconomics
  • The dimensions of capacity, supply and demand
  • Balancing variable supply and flexibility
  • Price outcomes: market average and technology capture prices


Get to know our speakers

Dan Eager

Research Director, Europe Power & Renewables

Dan is a specialist in power market investment and dispatch modelling.

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James Robertson

Research Analyst, Europe Power

James focuses on power market trends across Europe.

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