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Access the leading research and analyse spanning the key polyester producer and consumer countries with information on market movements over the past 30 years.

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Since polyester is the only product capable of clothing a growing population, global demand continues to rise. Short term production issues in the PET industry have seen prices surge, but in the medium term there are few, if any, alternatives to PET resin for products currently packaged in PET. To navigate your strategy and make informed decisions, you need to understand the key issues driving the polyester markets.

Our polyester services offer the world's leading research, analysis and commercially-focused insights that allow you to pinpoint value and manage risk in this extensive and complex global industry, whether it be fibre, bottle grade resin, film or recycle flake.

Understand pricing, operating costs, capacity changes, the importance of raw materials, trade flows and regulations with detailed proprietary data, (numerical) assessments and forecasts that give you a complete view into new developments and the issues driving supply, demand and inter-regional trade markets.