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Natural Gas Analyst

Access the largest database of gas nominations and flows.


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The fastest and most comprehensive view of the U.S. natural gas market

Natural Gas Analyst is a web-based platform that delivers the industry's most comprehensive natural gas market data through easy-to-use, customisable queries. Access our public and proprietary natural gas datasets to leverage the most accurate and timely readings in the market.

Depending on your interests and workflow, we provide a variety of natural gas datasets in tandem with the pipeline flow data, including no-notice volumes, prices, contracts, EIA weekly storage and monthly consumption, and natural gas demand for power estimates.

LNG Tanker Terminal

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Accessthe most comprehensive natural gas market data through user customised queries.

Query historical nominations as far back as 2007. We collect and polish new information as it is reported by pipelines to ensure you're working with the most accurate, timely nomination data.

We target every available nomination cycle from interstate pipelines. View up to 48 observations for a given gas day. We combine publicly-sourced pipeline data with patented intelligence, including monitored power plant generation, to more accurately gauge demand.

Our coverage includes observations throughout the natural gas supply chain. Measure activities of various market components, such as supply basin production, inter-regional pathways, and demand for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.

Create, execute and save highly intricate data queries. Feed results directly into your own databases or models.

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