Webinar | North American Natural Gas Summer Outlook

What are the risks facing the North American natural gas market?

Join Wood Mackenzie on Wednesday 1st May, for our Summer Outlook where our experts will discuss the primary risks facing the North America natural gas market this summer and host a Q&A to address your most relevant questions.

Key topics we will cover include:

  • How will recent producer shut-ins impact US supply?
  • What changes have we seen in the power market and how will these changes impact gas demand?
  • What are the key changes expected for US LNG exports over the next year?
  • How will domestic Mexican production changes impact US exports to Mexico?

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Get to know our speakers

Eric McGuire

Director of Natural Gas and LNG Analytics

Eric is a Director of Research, overseeing Wood Mackenzie’s North America S&D team.

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Randall Collum

Senior Vice President, Commodity Trading Data and Analytics

Randall is an experienced analyst with more than 20 years of experience in natural gas and oil production analytics.

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Frank Lin

Principal Analyst, Natural Gas

Frank spearheads in our gas equity research covering a wide range of E&Ps and midstream companies.

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