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Iron Ore Research Suite

Industry-leading Iron Ore research and analysis that gives you clarity in this fast-changing environment.

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Assess investment opportunities and make cost-effective sourcing decisions

The pace of China’s economic transition and the depth of environmental regulations have added real uncertainty to the iron ore market and supply outlook. With our Iron Ore analysis, get insights into industry developments to gain clarity and make informed decisions in this fast-changing environment.

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Our Iron Ore Research Suite service gives you the knowledge you need to succeed. With 370+ mines, pellet plants and projects costed in over 20 countries, coverage of 95% of the seaborne trade route and supply summary analysis detailing global industry trends and outlooks, we help you:

  • Benchmark against peers to understand competitive position
  • Monitor and analyse demand, supply and price on a global and country level
  • Deploy detailed iron ore supply and demand forecasts for strategy and budget planning
  • Analyse drivers of basis differentials or market prices in local markets
  • Understand key data at the asset, company and country level
  • Screen, identify, and evaluate growth and acquisition opportunities
  • Value existing assets and assess the effect of new projects on the industry cost curve
  • Understand impact of decarbonization on iron ore demand displacement

What do you get with the Iron Ore Research Suite?

Our industry-leading analysis of the iron ore sector give you insight into iron ore developments and micro clarity to make decisions in a fast-changing environment. It allows you to maximise your investments with our analysis of costs, reserves, production, infrastructure, iron ore quality and mine valuations.

Iron Ore Markets Service

Iron Ore Markets Service

Gain insight into iron ore developments and micro clarity to make decisions in a fast-changing environment. As well as access to our iron ore analysts, this service also includes:

  • Demand, supply and trade flow for key geographies
  • Price monitoring and forecasts by product out to 2050
  • Production and export analysis by key miners
  • Short term technical analysis for prices and spreads
  • Product wise demand, supply, and price analysis
  • Impact of decarbonization on the aggregate iron ore demand
  • Interactive data tool
  • Country reports, Insights and Informs

Iron Ore Costs Service

Iron Ore Costs Service

Maximise your investments with our analysis of costs, reserves, production, infrastructure, iron ore quality and mine valuations. As well as access to our iron ore analysts, this service also includes:

  • Asset reports providing mine-level analysis on cash flow, ore grade, cost and margin, and net present value
  • Written analysis covering supply at a country-level for Australia, China and Brazil covering country-level reserves, production, costs and infrastructure
  • Global Iron Ore Cost Summary with commodity-level forecasts for reserves, production, cost trends and cost structures across the metals and mining industry
  • Online cost curve tool showcasing our view of the iron ore mines
  • Our iron ore cost data tool

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