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Steel Research Suite

Industry-leading steel research and analysis that gives you clarity in this fast-changing environment.

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Assess investment opportunities and make cost-effective sourcing decisions

With China’s economic transition, the rise of protectionism and environmental regulations, steel prices and costs have become increasingly uncertain. Our Steel Research Suite provides in-depth analysis on the critical factors driving the industry, giving you into industry developments to make smart decisions.

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Designed to help you

Our Steel Research Suite service gives you the knowledge you need to succeed. With a 2100+ steel plants capacity database, demand, trade, capacity, production and price forecasts for 130+ countries to 2050, quarterly long-term outlooks to 2050 and 10 monthly short-term outlooks, we help you:

  • Present market demand and supply views to help business planning
  • Identify the efficiency of operation and competitive drivers
  • Obtain comprehensive analysis on emerging trends around the world
  • Understand key issues at asset, company and country level
  • Analyse competitor assets to identify acquisition opportunities
  • Access and interrogate our entire steel market dataset
  • Examine evolving cost structures to strengthen business strategies
  • Benchmark against peers to understand competitive position

What do you get with our Steel Research Suite?

Our industry-leading analysis of the steel sector covers the factors critical to the steel industry. Recently, we have increased our coverage of assets, provided more granular analysis, achieved faster response to market moving events, and delivered deeper insights from our on-the-ground analysts.

Steel Market Service

Steel Market Service

Access comprehensive overview and in-depth analysis on the critical factors driving the steel industry, including raw material supply by sector.


This includes:

  • Demand forecasts by sector and product
  • 2x Strategic Market Outlook to 2050
  • 2x 10-year Investment Horizon Outlook
  • Interactive data visualization tool
  • Access to leading analysts and insight

Steel Cost Service

Steel Cost Service

The service give you access in-depth analysis of production, cost drivers and consumed raw materials, decarbonization initiatives and steel mill valuations.


This includes:

  • Global supply summary detailing industry trends and outlooks
  • Asset reports detailing consumption rates, downstream products & decarbonisation initiatives
  • 260+ Steel plants modelled
  • Growing DRI coverage
  • Interactive data tool that allows users to flex iron ore, coal and scrap prices
  • Access to leading analysts and insight

Who is the Steel Research Suite for?

Let our world-leading research and in-depth insights help you achieve your goals

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