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Discover, analyse, and strategise business opportunities in the short, mid, and long-term power markets to stay ahead of the curve, no matter the scenario.

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The challenges in today's power market are met with fluctuations and volatility which can affect the market landscape from daily to up to 50 years out. With our platform's optimisation-based scenario analysis and fully validated in-house data sets, you'll gain the confidence to understand the supply and demand, generate power price forecasts, get reliable forward curves and extensive market outlooks, and customise sensitivity analyses to make the most informed decisions. Using trusted data and dynamic forecasting, you can maximize your investment opportunities while minimizing risk. Rapidly build and run power market scenarios with up-to-date infrastructure and gain shared access to your models and results to readily share with your teams. Unlock EPSI for unmatched technical support to remain agile and highly responsive to change across the power grid.

  • Explore customised short- and long-term power market views
  • Provides cutting-edge market modelling using high-quality infrastructure and fundamental data
  • Gain access to a one-stop-shop of data derived from our own research team, availability data, vendor data, or upload your own
  • View status changes including mothballing, upgrades, and closures with the click of a button
  • Identify over 3,500 power generation sites and classify over 7,500 units
  • Traverse end-to-end energy fundamentals with our insights to find impactful, revenue-generating solutions
  • Draw on our analysts’ data expertise with an extensive monitoring field team and unmatched support

What Do You Get with Our EPSI Europe Service?

Our server-based, comprehensive scenario analysis platform, enables savings on IT and analytical resources while allowing for market simulations to support your daily trading analysis as well as longer term investment and planning research. Our modelling engine is fully integrated with infrastructure and market data foundations, ensuring true ready-to-run capabilities. Make quick business decisions with robust capabilities such as:

  • Ready-to-run with no implementation process required

  • Provides seamless integration between data, business intelligence, and scenario analysis

  • Evolve with the market with scalable computation allowing you to perform multiple computations simultaneously

  • Experience easy-to-use with no extensive training required

  • Access rapid scenario calculations allow faster development of insight

  • Get high-quality and reliable data from internal and external sources

  • Provides thoroughly researched, cross-checked, and benchmarked system data with full sourcing

  • Traverse unique market data store with point-and-click access to key data streams

  • Unlock full access to our experts and support when you need it

  • Test sensitivities of the effect of fluctuating renewable generation

  • Assess the strength of investment plans, such as new builds, plant closures, plant valuations

  • Understand the impact of the energy transition, including the effects of battery storage.

  • Compare the effect of regulation and policies year on year and other market drivers.

Who is Our Service For?

Find your area of expertise and learn how we can help.



Strengthen your trading strategy and be aware of all factors impacting the grid. Investigate the effects of new technologies in power markets, such as demand response, renewables production curtailment and electric vehicles (including EV-to-grid connection), as well as wide-scale electric storage and flexible generation.



A solid data foundation is required to undertake accurate power market analysis. Our data is fully sourced to ensure total transparency, giving you control of each scenario. Explore key drivers such as demand forecasts, wind and solar production, commodity price development and new builds or retirements of plants, and build them into your analysis.



Make confident decisions about current and future commitments in business plans and individual assets. Use EPSI to understand market development and guide strategic decisions in line with your short to medium term goals. Our robust forecasts give you insight into market prices and fundamentals.



Keep pace with increasing market complexity and volatility to support strategic long-term capacity investment or resource utilisation planning decisions. The EPSI platform assists with modelling scenarios 30+ years into the future, providing insights about the investment value of power plants, the changing patterns of power prices, the impacts of regulation on the generation mix, and much more.



Investing in commodities used in power production, like carbon emissions credits, requires a close view of the market. EPSI Europe lets you test scenarios with multiple carbon prices.

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For details on how your data is used and stored, see our Privacy Notice.


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